Bloom Into You Episode 1: That Special Feeling

This autumn season of anime is bringing quite a few new yuri shows along with it, and one of the most anticipated is Bloom Into You. I’ve been keeping up to date with the English translated manga, so I feel that is only fitting that this should be one of the shows I should cover for this season.
So, from a manga reader’s perspective, let’s take a look at episode 1 of Bloom Into You.

Yuu Koito

Yuu Koito

Might as well kick off with the introduction of the two main characters. First up, Yuu Koito. To her, the words in shoujo manga and love songs sparkle brightly, and she wants to experience something like those that will make her heart flutter. That hasn’t happened to her yet. She ends up getting roped into the student council, and happens to come across Touko Nanami when she is searching for the building they are based in.

Nanami Touko

Touko Nanami

Yuu witnesses a boy confessing to Touko, but Touko just turns him down. After that, Touko turns her attention to Yuu, and tells her to keep quiet about what happened. She then shows her to the student council’s building. Touko properly introduces herself, revealing she is on the student council.

Sayaka Saeki

Sayaka Saeki

Moving on a bit, Sayaka is introduced – she is happy to support Touko with her student council duties. She asks Touko about the confession, and Touko says something that seems to resonate with Yuu.


The confessions Touko has received never made her heart flutter

With Touko’s words sticking in her mind, Yuu decides to try and talk to Touko about her own romantic troubles, as it were. Yuu is unable to get it out at first, but Touko realises that she has something she wants to say.

Touko & Yuu

Touko helps Yuu out

With some encouragement from Touko, Yuu is able to sort out the thing that had been troubling her. Yuu thought she and Touko were similar to each other when it came to romance, but Touko has a surprise for Yuu.


Touko confesses to Yuu

Touko tells Yuu that she thinks she is falling in love with her. Yuu doesn’t understand what Touko is saying, and the episode ends with her trying to process it. Well, the end credits role – there’s a scene afterwards. Touko is running to be the next student council president, and she asks Yuu to help her out with the nomination and election campaign activities.

There we have it. This first episode of Bloom Into You adapted chapter 1 and the first few pages of chapter 2 of the manga, and did so faithfully. The only changes I could see were the angles of some shots, so nothing that has any impact on the plot at all.
Everything happened as it did in the manga, and that’s all I really need to see.

I do have a bit more to say about certain characters, but I’ll wait until the appropriate episodes to do so as I don’t want to spoil anything for anybody who hasn’t read the manga.

Seeing the characters in motion was great, and I found Yuu to be fairly cute when she was spying on Touko. As a reader of the Bloom Into You manga, I am satisfied with this first episode of the anime adaptation.

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1 Response to Bloom Into You Episode 1: That Special Feeling

  1. OG-Man says:

    It has a Sweet Blue Flowers feel to it but the drama is softer. I dig it and looking forward to more. Touko is my fav character so far.

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