Release the Spyce Episode 1: Mission Start

Release the Spyce has been one of my most anticipated shows of this season, which is why I will be covering it weekly on here. What has got me really excited about this one is the people working on it: Namori, the mangaka of YuruYuri is the character designer, and the original concept comes from Takahiro, who created Yuki Yuna is a Hero. Since I really like both of those things, I suspect I’ll like Release the Spyce quite a bit, too.
Quickest way to find out is to take a look at the first episode.


The members of Tsukikage, from left to right: Goemon, Hanzo, Fuma & Chiyome. Those are code names.

Release the Spyce kicks off with a group of spies known as Tsukikage carring out a mission to steal some data from a factory. As they carry out their task, they set off an alarm and draw quite a bit of attention to themselves. This is the point where we find out where the title, ‘Release the Spyce‘, came from.

Release the Spyce

Consuming Spyce increases chemical activity in the brain and elevates physical ability

By consuming Spyce, the girls increase their abilities, which makes defeating a group of puppets – which are robots – fairly easy. As they depart from the scene, someone catches a glimpse of them.


Momo Minamoto

The person who noticed them is a girl who goes by the name Momo Minamoto. She has acute senses. She wants to follow in the footsteps of her deceased father and become a police officer. However, she doesn’t feel that she has the confidence to do that. She struggles to make new friends at school.


Mei and Goe asks Momo if she wants to be friends

Lucky for Momo, two girls – Mei Yachiyo and Goe Ishikawa – approach her and ask to be friends. Momo accepts, and they take her to a curry place. Before that, though, we learn one more thing about Momo.

Yuki Hanzomon

This is how Momo sees Yuki Hanzomon

Momo has quite the thing for Yuki Hanzomon – she has admired her ever since the school entrance ceremony. After that little encounter, Momo and the others arrive at the curry place. The girls eat their curry and Mei talks a little about how she busks in front of the train station. Momo says she’ll go listen to her, so Mei hugs her.


Momo just casually licks Mei

Out of nowhere, Momo licks Mei. Mei is caught by surprise, but is impressed when Momo can tell she doesn’t get enough sleep. Mei suggests she tries it out on Goe, and Momo complies. She licks her hand and can pick up that she has muscle soreness.

Mei licks Goe

Mei licks Goe to see if she can taste her muscle soreness

Momo has a talented tongue – ahem. I’ll think I’ll just leave that one. Her eyes and nose are good as well, and she tells Mei and Goe about the silhouettes she saw last night. Momo suggests they were flying humanoids, but she just gets laughed at for that.



As Momo returns home, she ends up witnessing someone snatching a person’s bag. She just freezes up, but police officer Ayumu handles the situation. After that is taken care of, Momo tells Ayumu about her lack of confidence in becoming a police officer, so Ayumu arranges to meet her after she has finished patrolling.


Ayumu and her colleague are taken hostage

When Ayumu doesn’t show up for a while, Momo goes to the place where she was patrolling to discover that she has been taken hostage by a gang. Knowing that freezing up won’t get her anywhere, Momo gets the attention of the gang by taking photos of them and saying she has called the police. She then tries to run, but ends up getting caught.


Yuki – or rather, Hanzo, as she prefers to be called – saves Momo

Tsukikage arrives

Tsukikage arrives, including Hatsume Aoba who is on the left here

Tsukikage take out most of the gang and ensure that the hostages are safe. They erase their memories of the incident, and threaten to do the same to Momo. The girls reveal themselves to be members of Tsukikage, who fight against a global crime syndicate called Moryo.
One of the gang managed to make an escape in a lorry, so the girls jump into a car to give chase. All the while, Fuma is holding Momo at gunpoint. However, the ride is not a smooth one.

Accidental Kiss

Momo tastes hatred and jealousy

Seems Fuma hasn’t taken too kindly to Momo getting rather friendly with Mei. Actually, Momo’s heightened senses are the reason that she was approached by Mei and Goe in the first place. They want her to join Tsukikage. If she refuses, her memories of the incident will be erased as well. Once again, this is where Momo’s lack of confidence holds her back.

Efforts and Results

Efforts and results lead to confidence

However, Yuki tells her that it is the efforts she makes and the results she achieves that lead to confidence. She then cuts down their foe, bringing the chase to an end. It’s not just efforts and results, though – there is also a pinch of Spyce.
Yuki says she will train Momo if she joins Tsukikage. As Momo wants to protect the city and the people, she asks to join.
There is one final scene after the end credits, which drops a hint about an enemy Tsukikage will have to face.

This was an excellent start to one of my most anticipated anime of the autumn season. I felt like this first episode had a lot crammed into it, which is a pretty good thing. I’m relatively impressed by all the things that they got through in twenty-four minutes, give or take.

As things stand, Yuki Hanzomon is my favourite character – and honestly it will probably remain that way for the rest of the season. However, I do like the entire cast so far.

A great introduction to Release the Spyce – I am looking forward to seeing what Momo’s training will be like, as well as her first official mission.

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