KONOHANA KITAN Episode 3: True Feelings

Yuzu and Satsuki’s date in the previous episode was incredible, but can the third episode live up to that? Well, the focus this time is on Natsume and Ren, and I can tell you, it is a real treat. Let’s take a look at episode 3 of KONOHANA KITAN. Continue reading

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URAHARA Episode 3: Artist’s Block

The previous episode of URAHARA ended with a crowd approaching Rito, Mari and Kotoko, and we were left unsure as to whether they were friendly or not. Episode three reveals the situation, and also Rito finds herself in a bit of slump. Continue reading

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KiraKira ☆ PreCure a la Mode Episode 36: Team Central Strawberry Hill

The 36th episode of KiraKira ☆ PreCure a la Mode has changed its opening credits to feature scenes from the upcoming film, and I couldn’t help but notice a couple of familiar faces being present. But, let’s worry about that when I’m actually able to watch the film, and focus on the actual episode for now.
An annual sports festival takes place, and Ichika is going for the win with help from Akira. Continue reading

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KONOHANA KITAN Episode 2: Perfect Cherry Blossom

KONOHANA KITAN got off to a great start with its premiere last week. Its second episode is all about Yuzu and Satsuki as they use their time off work to visit the town together. Continue reading

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URAHARA Episode 2: Harajuku Bubble

At the end of the first episode of URAHARA, Rito, Mari and Kotoko were faced with a somewhat desperate situation. In episode 2, their response to the situation actually has consequences. Continue reading

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Rory’s Comic Con Cosplay Project Part 7

My costume for the upcoming Comic Con is now complete – more or less. I will finally be revealing it in this post, but before that I shall share some adjustments I made to a couple of the items as well as a reminder of everything I gathered together for this project. Continue reading

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Autumn 2017 Anime: First Impressions

By the time this post is published, the autumn season of anime will be underway. As per usual, I shall be sharing my initial impressions of each of the shows I have chosen to watch.
As usual, these first impressions were written shortly after watching the first episode of each show. Continue reading

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