Summer 2017 Blog Schedule

Click continue reading to see what the schedule for Rory Muses looks like during the summer season of anime.
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NEW GAME!! Episode 3: Fire Breath Error

Aoba is eager to jump into her new role in NEW GAME!!‘s third episode, but she soon discovers that it will be harder than she thought.
Meanwhile, Nene continues working on her own project. Continue reading

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Symphogear AXZ Episode 4: People Are Just the Same as Tomatoes

Rev up the hype thrusters to maximum, as Symphogear AXZ returns once more. Saint-Germain has been working on something to give herself and her fellow alchemists a boost. Let’s see how effective that proves to be in the fourth episode of Symphogear AXZ. Continue reading

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Princess Principal Episode 3: Patriotism and Principle

Princess and Beatrice embark upon their first mission in episode 3 of Princess Principal. Princess has a specific goal in mind that she needs Ange’s help for, whilst Beatrice is a little more reluctant about working with spies. Continue reading

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KiraKira ☆ PreCure a la Mode Episode 24: More Than Sweet

Before I begin, it seems likely that the PreCure Dream Stars! film will soon get subbed, by the same person who has been subbing these. Sure enough, you can expect me to share my thoughts on it once I have seen it – that will make a nice post to fill one of the empty days listed on my schedule.
But enough of that, let’s concentrate on KiraKira ☆ PreCure a la Mode‘s twenty-fourth episode. We have new villains to meet, whilst a familiar face transfers into Ichika’s class. Continue reading

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A Centaur’s Life Episode 3: Foal Play

The third episode of A Centaur’s Life introduces some younger characters, and they naturally steal the show. Prepare for cuteness as we take a look at episode three of A Centaur’s Life. Continue reading

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Thoughts on Cells at Work! Volume 4

You know, the body that the cells of Cells at Work! inhabits sure has to deal with a whole lot of problems. White Blood Cell and the others often find themselves with their hands full ensuring that the body remains healthy.
The fourth volume of Cells at Work! contains five chapters, starting with chapter fifteen and concluding with chapter nineteen. Continue reading

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 100: I Believe in You

I said I would cover Dragon Ball Super whenever Caulifla and/or Kale do anything noteworthy. In the 100th episode of the series, the Tournament of Power is well under way. Caulifla and Kale decide to go after Goku himself; let’s see how they fare when they are matched up against a main character… Continue reading

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