KiraKira ☆ PreCure a la Mode Episode 12: Sheep Cupcake

KiraKira ☆ PreCure a la Mode will be giving us a mysterious transfer student arc from this episode onward. Whilst there was some enjoyable moments in this episode, I’m not exactly thrilled to see a repeat of a plot point that has featured in prior entries in the franchise. Continue reading

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Rory’s Reviews: BanG Dream!

BanG Dream!
BanG Dream! is a Japanese media franchise that was created in 2015 by Bushiroad – a name that many Love Live! School Idol Festival players will no doubt be familiar with. The franchise is made up of multiple manga series and an anime adaptation – it is that adaptation that is the focus of this review.
The BanG Dream! anime was directed by Atsushi Ootsuki, written by Yuniko Ayana and produced by both the Issen and Xebec studios. It started airing (fairly late) in the winter 2017 season of anime and ran for thirteen episodes.
BanG Dream! is available on Crunchyroll.
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Seven Mortal Sins Episode 2: Envy is Not a Sin

This post is going to begin in very much the same way as the one for episode 1 did:

NSFW Warning

In this episode of Seven Mortal Sins, Leviathan – who represents the sin of envy – gets envious. Continue reading

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Twin Angels BREAK Episode 3: Super Moves

Meguru and Sumire have some training in store in the third episode of Twin Angels BREAK. Continue reading

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Game of the Month: April 2017

Let’s start this post off with a little trivia about myself – the first home console I owned (well, I suppose it was more of a family console) was Sega’s Master System. Out of all the games we owned for it, there were two I particularly enjoyed: Wonder Boy in Monster Land and Wonder Boy III: The Dragon’s Trap.
The latter of those two games has returned, courtesy of Lizardcube, and that is what I’ll be focusing on here.
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Kira Kira ☆ PreCure a la Mode Episode 11: Sweets Festival

The girls in KiraPati spent the previous episode preparing for the Sweets Festival, so it’s only natural that episode 11 focuses on that. Surely nothing can go wrong with a large gathering of people and kira-kiraru filled sweets, right? Continue reading

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Thoughts on Bleach Volume 34: King of the Kill

Not really much to say to introduce this one other than that the battles in Hueco Mundo continue.
There are a total of ten chapters in volume thirty-four of Bleach. It starts with chapter two hundred and ninety-six and finishes with chapter three hundred and five. Continue reading

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