Anime Advent Calendar Day 11

For the eleventh day of this anime advent calendar, I will feature a single moment again. As a reminder, I am looking back at various things from anime that aired during the year of 2017, and this particular moment just manages to make it in as the anime it is from concluded in January.hugMuch like before, I won’t give much context as to what is actually going on here, but I will say that this scene from Maho Girls PreCure! is something I still remember very fondly.
Quite simply, this is a beautiful scene and helped to cement Maho Girls PreCure! as my favourite season of the franchise.

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KiraKira ☆ PreCure a la Mode Episode 43: Crystallisation of Hard Work and Intelligence

As we steadily draw closer to the conclusion of KiraKira ☆ PreCure a la Mode, Himari is in the spotlight once again. The previous episodes that have focused on her have been pretty good so far, so let’s take a look and see if episode 43 can live up those that have come before. Continue reading

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Anime Advent Calendar Day 10

It was pretty much a given that I was going to mention Symphogear at some point for this anime advent calendar, and that is exactly what I am going to do now we have arrived at day 10.
One key feature of almost every magical girl show are transformation sequences, and Symphogear is no exception to that rule. The first Symphogear character who gets the honour of having her transformation featured is Kirika Akatsuki.

I’m glad these videos are up on YouTube, as it saves me from having to make them myself. Whether they’ll stay up on YouTube for very long or not is another matter, though…
Whenever you hear any of the Attuned’s transformation chants, you know some spectacular action is about to follow. You can also hear the beginning of ‘Dangerous Sunshine’ in this clip, which is Kirika’s battle song for AXZ. It’s a great song, definitely one of my favourites from the season.

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Anime Advent Calendar Day 9

It is now time to open the 9th door of this imaginary advent calendar I have come up with and take a look at what is inside.
This time around it is a specific character, from Frame Arms Girl.001-e1512831441256.jpgAs you can see, it is Stylet.
I have said that the Frame Arms Girl is effectively an advert for that line of plastic model kits, and this serves as proof that is an effective one. I bought this when I went to London Comic Con in May, and put her together a few days afterwards. She is now being proudly displayed on my shelf with other anime figures.
002.jpgStylet has a few options available in terms of weaponry. There is a Gatling gun and missiles, but for closer quarters combat, she has a sword or two.
Style is also a fun character in the Frame Arms Girl anime, become rather affectionate towards Gourai. She also finds herself on the receiving end of a lot of teasing from the Materia twins.
Stylet is a great member of the cast of the Frame Arms Girl anime, and she makes a great addition to my shelves of anime items.

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Hakumei and Mikochi 2nd PV and New Visual Revealed

Visual2The official website for the Hakumei and Mikochi: Tiny little life in the woods anime has revealed a new key visual for the anime, as well as a 2nd promotional video. The new key visual can be seen above.
The new PV previews ending theme song “Harvest Moon Night”, performed by Shino Shimoji and Aoi Yūki – Mikochi and Konju respectively.

The website also revealed that the anime will premiere on January 12th, 2018.

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Anime Advent Calendar Day 8

For day 8 of the anime advent calendar, how about something actually festive? I could save it until closer to Christmas, but considering that I have recently watched it and it is still relatively fresh in my mind, featuring it now is probably the best idea.
What I am referring to is a fairly recent addition to Crunchyroll‘s catalogue, Sorcery in the Big City.Sorcery in the Big CitySorcery in the Big City focuses on police officer Akari Kido. During the Christmas season, Akari, and her favourite teddy bear, Apple, return to New York after 15 years to take part in an officer exchange programme with the NYPD. Akari’s father had once served with them before.
Shortly after Akari’s arrival in New York, a sorceress named Liberty appears. Liberty uses her magic to create havoc on the streets of New York, and naturally Akari gets caught up in it.
Suddenly, a girl with a teddy bear hood appears and comes to Akari’s rescue. It is none other than Akari’s teddy bear, Apple.

That pretty much covers the synopsis given over on Crunchyroll. I believe this is a one-off thing. I don’t know whether it has any connections to anything else, but I do know it has a running time of around 40 minutes.
I also know that it is animated with fairly decent CG, though it doesn’t quite match the currently airing Land of the Lustrous in terms of visuals.

I had fun watching Sorcery in the Big City. It sets up a conflict between Apple and Liberty, but that is soon cast aside for an entirely different conflict that is barely hinted at. Said conflict does seem to come out of nowhere, even with that vague hint dropped towards the beginning…
Don’t expect much explanation for Liberty’s actions, either. Supposedly she wants everyone to enjoy Christmas, yet her methods for doing that involves endangering all of New York…

Yeah, there are some nitpicks, but I still enjoyed it regardless. There is some fairly decent action, and the characters are pretty good all round. Definitely a fun way to get into the Christmas spirit.

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Game of the Month: December 2017

Considering I have done an unboxing post for the Collector’s Edition of this particular game, I don’t think it really should come as a surprise what my final game of the month of 2017 is. Continue reading

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