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London MCM Comic Con May 2016 Anime License Round-Up

May’s MCM Comic Con in London has come and gone, and naturally there were many announcements regarding the upcoming releases of anime DVDs within the UK. I’ll be collecting them all here together and sharing my thoughts on a few … Continue reading

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London MCM Comic Con May 2016 Stuff

After having spent many hours in the ExCel Centre in London for the MCM Comic Con, I’m back and I’ll be sharing with you the stuff I bought back, as well as a few other photos where you’ll get to … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Soul Eater Volume 19

At the moment this post is published, I will be in London’s ExCel Centre for the MCM Comic Con. I’ll only be taking a look at one volume of manga this weekend – I’ll be getting several new things from … Continue reading

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Maho Girls PreCure! Episode 16: The First Boss

In this week’s episode of Maho Girls PreCure!, some familiar faces from the Magic World return and one of the villains makes a last stand. With that in mind, I’ll be freely writing about that particular event so I recommend … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Soul Eater Volume 18

Soul Eater‘s eighteenth volume is set entirely within the Book of Eibon, as members of the group Spartoi delve into its pages in order to rescue Kid. Oh, and they all got gender-swapped at the end of the previous volume. … Continue reading

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Looking Forward to London MCM Comic Con May 2016

As you can see from the image above, it isn’t too long until the arrival of the next London MCM Comic Con. Of course, I shall be going to it, and I’d figured I’d just make a post to talk … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Soul Eater Volume 17

All right, last weekend I took a break from looking at the Soul Eater manga in favour of Paradise Residence, but now I’m going back to the former – at least for this week. The previous volume showed us the … Continue reading

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