ZOMBIE LAND SAGA Episode 1: R.I.P. Night Fes

There is no way I am not going to talk about this show – I absolutely loved the first episode. Before I even start discussing ZOMBIE LAND SAGA, though, I recommend watching the first episode for yourself – trust me, just go into it with as little information as you can.
Here, I’ll even leave the link to watch it on Crunchyroll.
I had considered covering both Girl in the Twilight and Between the Sky and Sea, but the first episode of this show left quite the impression on me.
With that said and done, I shall now take a look at episode one of ZOMBIE LAND SAGA.
As you might expect, the anime starts off with the introduction of Sakura Minamoto – who seems to be a typical female anime protagonist and –


Sakura meets with a terrible fate

Oh, never mind, she’s dead. Should have looked both ways before crossing the road. Well, that was a short show – no, of course not. There’s more.


Sakura finds herself surrounded by zombies

Maybe the accident wasn’t fatal after all, as Sakura wakes up in a strange house. However, she quickly meets a bunch of zombies – she ends up fleeing from them. Outside, she comes across a policeman who is terrified of her.

Zombie Sakura

Sakura discovers she is a zombie

That little accident that Sakura was in earlier? Yeah, it was fatal after all. She is now a zombie, though she can move and talk like a normal human. The policeman shoots her, and Sakura ends up falling unconscious. Before she blacks out, she catches sight of a man wearing sunglasses.

Kotaro Tatsumi

Kotaro Tatsumi – that is dried squid in his pocket, by the way

When Sakura regains consciousness, she is back in the house with the other zombies. The man who brought her back is Kotaro Tatsumi, and he explains that she died ten years ago. He wants Sakura to work with the other zombies to become idols and save Saga.

Tae bites Sakura

Seems Tae has taken quite a liking to Sakura

Kotaro introduces the other zombies – legendary women from throughout Japan’s history. He shares a brief history of each, except for Tae, who is just legendary because. Also, he refuses to call Sakura legendary. Kotaro is a bit of a strange one.
There’s also one other thing; none of other zombies are awake yet, unlike Sakura. That’s why they are shuffling around like the classic zombies, whilst Sakura is not.
Kotaro also tells them that their first performance is tonight – at a death metal concert. Surprisingly apt, considering their circumstances.

Hollywood Makeup

Turns out that Kotaro is quite the makeup artist

Everyone arrives at the venue, with Kotaro revealing that he has learned special makeup skills from Hollywood – nobody is able to tell the girls are zombies. Even though most of them are still shuffling around like they are. That is until they hear the music coming from the stage.


Metalhead zombie idols – safe to say, I wasn’t expecting that

The zombies, sans Sakura, start headbanging. They almost wreck the place, but Sakura grabs some dried squid and pacifies them for the time being. After that little incident, Death Musume are called out to go on stage. Death Musume is the name of Sakura’s group, so the zombies go out onto stage.

Stage Dive

Stage diving before the performance even begins

There is almost a major incident before the girls can even begin to perform, but Sakura is able to barely keep things under control. Just as she is thinking things are a big mess, Kotaro has some music kick in – naturally, it is metal. The zombies start headbanging, and Sakura just decides to go along with it.

Broken necks

Sakura and the zombies have some remarkably incredible headbanging skills

The performance goes well – sort of. It goes as well as one might hope it would when you have a bunch of zombies in a crowd of people. Following that, the zombie girls return to the house. As Sakura reflects back on their concert, there is a scream.

Lily and Junko

The other zombies awaken

It appears that the other zombies have awoken, becoming conscious of their own appearances as well as each other. As they panic, Sakura shouts good morning to all of them.

Thus ends episode one of ZOMBIE LAND SAGA, which was I think is best described as completely stupid, dumb fun – in the best way possible. I had an absolute blast watching this first episode – from the unexpected first few minutes all the way through to headbanging zombie idols, there was a lot for me to enjoy here.

I can’t help but feel whoever came up with this saw the end of Shaun of the Dead, and thought if they can have zombies in game shows, why not have them as idols. Also, I didn’t mention it, but there is a zombie dog named Romero – that was a particularly amusing shout out.

I bet seeing Sakura get hit by that truck was a cathartic experience for those who have got bored by the whole typical female anime protagonist by now – it has been done quite a lot.

Nobody seemed to really have any idea as to what to expect before watching this first episode, and I think that decision to keep it a secret paid off. Safe to say, I certainly wasn’t expecting zombie idols, but that has definitely grabbed my interest.

With the rest of the cast now awoken, I’m looking forward to seeing how they’ll interact with each other next time. The title of the next episode has also got me wondering if they’ll be tackling different genres of music.

This first episode was a great time, and if ZOMBIE LAND SAGA can keep it up, I’m expecting good things from it.

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2 Responses to ZOMBIE LAND SAGA Episode 1: R.I.P. Night Fes

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  2. OG-Man says:

    This has Shaun of the Dead written all over it and I LOVED IT! Super excited for more.

    Also you know I’m your friend because I didn’t have to Google to get the Romero reference. I’m almost 31 after all.

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