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Thoughts on Bloom into You Volume 6

Volume six of the Bloom into You manga pretty much picks up from where the anime ended, so that’s kind of convenient. Of course, that means that it is finally time for the cultural festival, and with that, the student … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Bloom into You Volume 5

Without a doubt, Bloom into You was one of the best anime that aired during 2018. However, I’m not here to talk about the anime. Instead, I shall be focusing on the fifth volume of Nio Nakatani’s manga, which coincidentally … Continue reading

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Autumn 2018 Anime Awards

Once again, another season of anime has come and gone. As is usually the case, I shall be looking back at the season and celebrating what I believe to be the best things it has offered us with my regular … Continue reading

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Rory’s Reviews: Bloom Into You

Bloom Into You is a thirteen episode animated adaptation of the yuri manga written and illustrated by Nio Nakatani. The studio that produced the anime was Troyca, the director was Makoto Kato and the writer was Jukki Hanada. Bloom Into … Continue reading

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Bloom Into You Episode 12: Can’t Even Breathe

The student council’s rehearsal continues in episodes twelve of Bloom Into You, as their practice camp comes to an end.

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Bloom Into You Episode 11: Training Camp

The student council prepare for their upcoming play in the eleventh episode of Bloom Into You with a study camp. This means that Yuu, Touko and Sayaka will all be sleeping in the same room together.

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Bloom Into You Episode 10: First Draft

The first draft of the script for the student council play is completed in episode ten of Bloom Into You, and Touko decides that the student council should have a training camp during summer break to rehearse.

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