Healin’ Good ♡ PreCure Episode 42: Honest Feelings

Something weighs heavily on Nodoka’s mind in the forty-second episode of Healin’ Good PreCure.


Nodoka’s too preoccupied to even eat

In this episode, Nodoka’s decision to run away from Daruizen is still affecting her. Chiyu and Hinata don’t get involved out of respect, leaving Rabirin to be the one to tell Nodoka exactly what she needs to hear.
Besides that, the girls also confront Daruizen himself once again.


Rabirin tells Nodoka exactly what she has to hear

My respect for Rabirin has increased as of this episode. After seeing so many seasons where PreCure end up helping out the enemies they’ve been fighting, it is refreshing to hear Rabirin tell Nodoka that is perfectly fine for her to not help Daruizen.
Nodoka doesn’t need to go through all that suffering again, so it is only right that she stands up to protect herself.

Evolved Daruizen

Evolved Daruizen

We don’t get a Mega or Giga Byo-gen in this episode, instead Daruizen desperately uses Mega Parts to evolve. He seems to lose his sanity in the process, but his new form does look better than what Guaiwaru ended up with.

Cure Grace

Cure Grace

The fight against Daruizen is superb, and Cure Grace definitely gives us some badass moments. Definitely channeling a certain other Aoi Yuuki voiced character there.
I’m also glad that she took Rabirin’s earlier words to heart, and pretty much says straight to Daruizen’s face that she has no intention of helping him.

Neo King Byo-gen

Neo King Byo-gen

Daruizen isn’t the only one who gets a new form in this episode. King Byo-gen becomes Neo King Byo-gen. I wonder if he has one more form in store, considering that he still has one more subordinate left.
Also, he has become humanoid, which is generally a good step towards ticking off the requirements for a superb final battle (well at least for me, anyway).
Either way, we get another badass Cure Grace moment to cap off this episode.

Cure Grace confronts Neo King Byo-gen

Cure Grace confronts Neo King Byo-gen

That shot with Cure Grace declaring she will purify Neo King Byo-gen: so good.

I’ll be honest here: I wasn’t entirely sure whether this season of PreCure was going to crack my top 5 as we approached the end. However, this episode has definitely improved my overall view of the season with the way it capped off the Daruizen part of the plot.
The final battle is also going to play a key part in my view of the season as a whole, but we’ll need to wait until next time for that.

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1 Response to Healin’ Good ♡ PreCure Episode 42: Honest Feelings

  1. gantarat says:

    Nodoka’s did nothing wrong.
    But Her gonna save him anyway. Toei teases too much on OP and Plushie (There a recoding voice line “I want to help you”) and New Stage Show.

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