ZOMBIE LAND SAGA Episode 10: Voice of Mother Gaia

Franchouchou have a big show planned in the tenth episode of ZOMBIE LAND SAGA, and Sakura is feeling very enthusiastic about it. Perhaps a little too enthusiastic…

Rushing Ahead

Sakura rushes ahead during practice

Things have been going pretty well for Franchouchou as of late, and now they will be playing a show at a venue for 500 people. The venue is Karatsu’s Furusato Exhibition Hall, Arpino.
Arpino was where Ai’s first show in Saga was, and Sakura feels some sort of connection to it as well. In fact, that connection she feels gets her super hyped up for the show. She becomes a little overenthusiastic.

Zombies on a mountain

Franchouchou are sent to stay in the mountains

Seemingly out of the blue, Kotaro decides to send Franchouchou to the mountains. They go, though there is a worry about freezing and being eaten by wild animals. All the girls decide to focus on surviving, besides Sakura. Sakura is only concerned with practicing for their upcoming show.


Saki decides that they all beed to eat some meat

I won’t go into detail about the mountain trip, but will say that Saki is looking great again. There’s an incident involving a boar, which leaves Sakura very riled up. Shortly after that, Kotaro has them all return from the mountains.


Sakura continues to end up ahead during practice

Franchouchou go back to practicing, but Sakura is still ahead of everyone else. When that is brought up, she snaps at the others and leaves.
It turns out the excursion to the mountains was supposed to cool Sakura’s head, but things didn’t quite work out.


Sakura watches Franchouchou’s practice from the outside

Sakura has the opportunity to view Franchouchou practicing from the outside, and she realises that they are all in sync. After realising that, she apologises to everyone, and she is able to get back into practice properly.

Deja vu

Do you ever get that feeling of déjà vu?

The final scene of this episode feels very familiar, though this time is played far more seriously. However, we’ll have to wait until episode 11 to see what will happen.

As soon as that final scene started, I knew what was going to happen. It just felt way too familiar for that not to be the case. Don’t know what it means for Sakura, and I recall reading somewhere that the director or some other member of staff stated that watching this show until its end will change viewers’ perceptions of it.
Needless to say, that has got me intrigued – presumably the last scene of this episode plays into that in some way.

I don’t really have much else to add, other than that this was a solid episode. Franchouchou have overcome various trials to get to where they are now, and have grown as a group because of the challenges they have had to overcome.
Yugiri and Tae still feel a little like enigmas, though. I guess anyone who knew Yugiri would be long dead, though, and Tae just being Tae plays into the meta humour of having Kotono Mitsuishi voicing a character who only ever grunts.
There’s still time for more information about their pasts to be revealed, though it does seem like Sakura could be the focus of the last few episodes.

We’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

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