War has been declared on both good and evil shinobi alike, with the youma being their enemies. On the plus side, certain characters who have been out of action for far too long make their return in the eighth episode of SENRAN KAGURA SHINOVI MASTER.

This post will contain NSFW images

Miyabi, Rasetsu and Fubuki

The youma has a name: Rasetsu

After Fubuki has declared her intent to wage war on both good and evil shinobi by working together with the youma, the gathered shinobi attempt to attack Rasetsu. She claims that youma have families much like humans do, and the only reason they fought to was to defend themselves. That really doesn’t go over well with Miyabi, as her mother was killed by a youma.

Ultimate Asuka

Ultimate Asuka

Asuka claims that she will defeat Fubuki and Rasetsu, even transforming into her Ultimate form. However, she is too exhausted to actually do anything. Fubuki and Rasetsu leave, completely abandoning Gekkou and Senkou.

Asuka & Katsuragi

Katsuragi is still the same as ever

Fubuki and Rasetsu may have left, but the Hanzo shinobi remain behind. They regain their consciousness, and it takes Katsuragi no time at all to just do what she does best.


Suzune briefs the girls on the situation

Following that, Suzune has Asuka, Homura, Yumi, Fubuki, Gekkou and Senkou gather together so she can go over the situation. All jonin have been dispatched to Kikai Island to fight youma, which is why Hanzo, Kiriya and Daidouji are absent. That just leaves the students to deal with the threat that Fubuki presents – and talk of fighting her seems to affect Gekkou and Senkou, as they leave the room.

Gekkou, Senkou and Yumi

Yumi stops Gekkou and Senkou from making a rash decision

After Fubuki has abandoned them and finding out that they were wrong about Kurokage’s teachings, Gekkou and Senkou decide to just give up on everything. However, Yumi chases after them and talks them down. Asuka and Homura were watching from the shadows. Asuka decides that Gekkou and Senkou should stay with Ikaruga and the others, and then takes off for her own reasons.

Yagyu & Hibari

Hibari has Yagyu wrapped around her little finger

Gekkou and Senkou do indeed stay with the Hanzo shinobi, though things are a bit awkward giving how their encounter with them played out before. However, Ikaruga and the others have no hard feelings about it. Yagyu is willing to fight them at that very moment, but quickly changes her mind when Hibari says that she will stop liking her if she behaves like that.


Senkou accidentally exposes Gekkou’s breasts

Katsuragi decides to get all hands-on with both Gekkou and Senkou. When she is grabbing Gekkou, Senkou tries to get her off. However, Senkou manages to tears Gekkou’s top and remove her bra at the same time.
As this all goes on, there is one Hanzo shinobi absent: Asuka. Senkou wants to know why they aren’t looking for her, but the other Hanzo have faith in her.

Fuma Korin

Asuka uses Fuma Korin

Asuka visits Kagura at her place, and says that she will be the one to deal with the youma. Kagura previously taught Asuka a technique that could seal youma, and decides to have her put into practice.
Asuka is able to perform the technique, but there is a catch to it: if she keeps using the technique, she will die. Whatever goal Asuka has in mind, she is willing to die for.


Fubuki summons youma

Finally, the episode ends with Fubuki summoning youma into the human world. News travels quickly, but we’ll have to wait until the next episode to see what action the shinobi will take.

After being absent for most of the season, it does feel good to have the other Hanzo shinobi back on screen once again. Hibari threatening to stop liking Yagyu was amusing, and of course Katsuragi is… well, she’s still Katsuragi.
Homura said that Katsuragi cheered Asuka up, but clearly that’s not quite right. I don’t know what Asuka’s ultimate goal is at the moment, but it must be something she is very keen to achieve as she is willing to lay down her life for it.

This episode of SENRAN KAGURA SHINOVI MASTER was all right. It seems to mostly be set up for the final act, but it did provide a few amusing moments as well.

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