Aikatsu Friends! Episode 34: Gratitude

In the thirty-fourth episode of Aikatsu Friends!, Aine has to design a Premium Rare Dress for her brand, Sugar Melody. There is one small catch, though: she only has three days to get it finished.

Panicked Aine

Aine hopes that she can rely on Chiharu

Tamaki calls Aine, and informs her that she has a job lined up. It’s an event that will be perfect for the debut of Sugar Melody’s newest Premium Rare Dress, and it takes place in three days.
This sends Aine into a panic. She rushes to Star Harmony Academy, where she bumps into Honey Cat and tells them about her situation. She also searches for Chiharu, but doesn’t have too much luck finding her. At a loose end, Aine asks Coco for help – and Coco decides that it is at times like these it is best to rely on your friends.


Coco calls Mio for Aine

Coco calls Mio for Aine. Mio is in the middle of her own job, shooting a followup advert for the macaron one she shot earlier on in the season. Mio tells Aine how things are going on her end, but Aine can’t bring herself to tell Mio about the Premium Rare Dress. Of course, that does leave Mio wondering why Aine phoned her after the conversation.

Aine & Chiharu

Chiharu offers to help Aine with her dress

Chiharu shows up, and Aine goes to her for advice. She suggests using one of Chiharu’s old designs, but Chiharu shoots that idea down. Instead, she decides to take Aine for a walk in the hope of finding some inspiration.

Ken & Dancers

Ken and his street dance group

As Aine and Chiharu walk, they come across a street dance group led by none other than Ken. As one of Aine’s teachers, he can tell that something is on her mind and invites her to dance along with them. Aine accepts – she wanted to join in the moment she saw them.

Mio's faith

Mio has faith in Aine

Mio gets another phone call, this time from Honey Cat who tell her about Aine having to create a Premium Rare Dress in three days. After that conversation, Tamaki turns up and Mio is ready to say something to her. She gets cut off by the arrival of Reflect Moon’s manager. He doubts Aine can manage the challenge before her, but Mio firmly believes that she can do it.

Visiting Noa

Aine and Chiharu pay a visit to Noa

Chiharu decides to take Aine to visit Dancing Mirage’s designer, Noa. She is struggling to come up with a new dress for Maika. However, she is happy to take some time out to aeat pudding and chat with Chiharu and Aine. When Noa brings up Maika, Aine thanks her for all she does for her.

Inspiration strikes

Inspiration strikes

After all that, Aine wants to thank the world. She goes to shout it out, and that is when the inspiration for her Premium Rare Dress strikes. She and Chiharu immediately get to work on it. The day of the show arrives shortly afterwards.

Happiness Gift Coord

Happiness Gift Coord

The Happiness Gift Coord was created as a way for Aine to show her thanks to all of her fans – it was saying thank you to the world that gave her the idea. The debut of Sugar Melody’s newest Premium Rare Dress is a success.
Mio and Honey Cat visit her backstage, bringing snacks along so they can celebrate together.

This was a fun episode of Aikatsu Friends!. It was pretty much Aine just being cute, and that is perfectly fine with me. We also got to see Chiharu and Noa together again, which was a neat little bonus.
There isn’t much else for me to say. A good episode, and presumably this one and the next few are the calm before the storm that is the Diamond Friends Cup.

Reflect Moon return for the next episode, which will involve a treasure hunt.

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  1. Karandi says:

    I’m not watching this anime but I just noted how crazy some of their hair colours are while looking at the screen caps. Mio’s hair looks adorable.

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