BLAZBLUE CROSS TAG BATTLE – The Phantom Field Edition Unboxing

It’s time for another unboxing post, and this time it is Arc System Works’ BLAZBLUE CROSS TAG BATTLE. I’ll be taking a look at the Nintendo Switch version of the game.
As usual, this post will feature photos taken with my phone, so don’t expect immaculate quality.img_20180622_114341_1.jpgAfter opening the parcel, the first thing you’ll be greeted by is this messenger bag. It’s good quality, and I can see myself using it. It probably won’t replace the one I currently use, but it is a nice thing.
The rest of the items included in the Phantom Field Edition are found inside the messenger bag, so let’s take a look at the other goodies.img_20180622_114505.jpgThe items found inside the messenger bag are the game itself (of course, I’ve got the Nintendo Switch version), a soundtrack CD, an art book and a premium poster set.img_20180622_114647.jpgThe game case features artwork of a few of the characters you’ll find in the game. Open the case, though, and you’ll find the Switch cartridge as well as another surprise.IMG_20180622_114740_1There is also an exclusive mini soundtrack. It’s a neat addition, but seems a bit pointless when you consider the next item.img_20180622_114835.jpgThe BLAZBLUE CROSS TAG BATTLE original soundtrack is a standard sized CD, which naturally features music from the game itself.IMG_20180622_114852The CD itself features art of Ragna the Bloodedge. There are 15 tracks in total on the CD.img_20180622_115729.jpgAny Collector’s or Limited Edition worth its salt will almost always include two specific items: a soundtrack CD and an art book. BLAZBLUE CROSS TAG BATTLE is no exception to that rule. As is usually the case, I’ll only be giving a small glimpse at what is inside.img_20180622_115922.jpgimg_20180622_120030.jpgAs you would expect, the art book features art of the characters from the game. A few pages show motion contents, which I think is a neat little thing.
Finally, we come to the last item: the premium poster set. There are 4 posters, and they come in a box which you can see in the shot with all the items together.
This is where I’ll be showing each of the posters.img_20180622_120754.jpgimg_20180622_121210.jpgimg_20180622_121046.jpgimg_20180622_121341.jpgAs you can see, the posters feature Ruby Rose, Yu Narukumi, Hyde and Ragna the Bloodedge respectively.

That’s all the items included in the Phantom Field Edition, and I’m fairly happy with what I got. Now, with this post done I can focus on playing the game. Makoto Nanaya will be my main, but I am looking forward to seeing how the RWBY girls play.

See you all again some time next week, when I’ll have another Limited Edition game to unbox.

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