KiraKira ☆ PreCure a la Mode Episode 32: Kangaroo Cupcakes

In the most recent episodes of KiraKira ☆ PreCure a la Mode, each of the Cures received crystals that transformed into animal shapes after they each overcame personal trials. Episode 32 reveals just what those crystals are.


Bibury drops in

The episode begins with PreCure trying to figure out what their animal crystals. Bibury interrupts, and we get a rare instance of stock footage being used before the opening credits.
It doesn’t work against Noir’s darkness. However, the spirit of the ancient PreCure awakens, and the current PreCure plus Bibury end up being pulled into the past.
There is a lack of kira-kiraru in the past, but there is one person who fights against the darkness.

Ancient PreCure

The ancient PreCure

After seeing off a few enemies, the current PreCure ask the ancient PreCure about the crystals that she gave to them. The ancient PreCure doesn’t know what they are going on about.

Truth revealed

Bibury discovers the truth about Noir

Elsewhere, Bibury finds herself in a familiar place. Thanks to this little trip back to the past, she realises the person responsible for making her end up alone was Noir himself.


The ancient PreCure’s civilian form

The ancient PreCure reveals that her name is Lumiere, and agrees to let the current PreCure help her make sweets for the people in need. The girls get to work – also, it’s worth remembering Lumiere’s icing pump. That will have relevance again later on in this episode.

Kangaroo Cupcake

Kangaroo Cupcake

Seeing Lumiere work hard to protect the people of the town gives Ichika a flash of inspiration, and she turns the cupcakes they made into kangaroo cupcakes. Lumiere is impressed at how much more kira-kiraru there is after the cake has been decorated.

Bibury asking for help

Bibury appeals to PreCure for their help

After discovering that Noir was just using her, Bibury flees from the darkness. She ends up running straight to PreCure and asking for their help. Noir then attacks, so Lumiere transforms to confront him.

Confronting Noir

Lumiere protects the past; she entrusts Ichika and the others to do the same for the future

As she goes to confront Noir, Lumiere has the current PreCure return to their own time. Before they go, Lumiere tells them that the shape of their crystals is the shape of their new power.


Everyone may have their differences, which is why everyone helps each other out

Ichika and the others try to offer some solace for Bibury, but that it short lived as Noir’s shadow still possesses Iru. The girls transform and try to defeat it with their usual finisher, but it proves to be too strong for that.


Iru transformed

Bibury is trapped within Iru. As the girls reach out and tell her that they want to bake and share food, she is swallowed up by the kira-kiraru. Pekorin arrives with Lumiere’s icing pump, and it transforms through the power of the animal crystals.

Kira-kiraru creamer

Kira-kiraru Creamer

The new Kira-Kiraru Creamer allows PreCure to use a new attack: Pretty Cure Animal-Go-Round. It looks pretty spectacular, and it is able to eliminate the darkness of Noir’s shadow. Iru disappears afterwards.

Bibury Smile

Bibury is free of Noir’s power

Bibury collapses, but the next episode preview has shown she’ll be back on her feet soon enough.

I really liked this episode. PreCure may have gained a new power, but Bibury had an equally important role to play as well. Hopefully we’ll get to see more from Bibury in future episodes – the preview for episode 33 makes it seem very likely.

PreCure’s new attack is great, too. I imagine that it will serve them well right up until the inevitable confrontation with Noir.

Having the Cures travel to the past to meet their predecessor was interesting. It’s not the first time that Cures have met their predecessors, and it probably won’t be the last. Still, I quite liked Lumiere, though the fact that Noir still exists in the present would suggest that her battle against him in the past didn’t go too well…
I’m also left wondering just how old Bibury is, or if the ancient PreCure is really that ancient…

Overall, a very enjoyable episode, and a nice way to cap off the arc with the animal crystals.

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6 Responses to KiraKira ☆ PreCure a la Mode Episode 32: Kangaroo Cupcakes

  1. cirno9fan says:

    I am very happy they kept Bibli conscious. She should be a fun addition to the cast~

    Also, still seeing shipping moments between her and Ciel. Hopefully it keeps up!

    • Rory says:

      Definitely looking forward to seeing how she interacts with the rest of the cast, and more shipping moments are always welcome.

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  3. OG-Man says:

    My reaction to “PreCure, Animal-Go-Round!” can be best described at the 0:35 mark of the below video.


    Loved this episode!

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