A Centaur’s Life Episode 11: The Smallest Flowers

The eleventh episode of A Centaur’s Life shines the spotlight firmly upon the younger members of the cast. I hope you’re ready for an overload of cuteness.

Mitama family

Barely a minute in, and the episode is trying to do me in with Sue imitating the Chisters…

The episode kicks off with the Chisters and Sue getting ready to go out. As they do, the Chisters let slip that people keep trying to take Sue home with them.


Sue continues to imitate the Chisters

We’ll see some more from the Chisters and Sue later on. Before that, it’s time for a couple of centaurs.

Hime and Shino

Hime tells Shino the names of various flowers

Whilst walking with Hime, Shino gets curious about all the different types of flowers. Hime identifies them for her. Shino is able to put that knowledge to good use later on.

Maki, Shino and Mi

Shino shares her knowledge of flowers with Maki and Mi

The comparison between people’s names and flowers ends up leading to Shino, Maki and Mi discussing different types of blocks. They go back to looking at the flowers, and discussing how they were named long ago and nobody remembers why.

Older sister

Shino tells the other two to pass down their knowledge once they are old enough to become ‘onee-chans’ – or sisters, if gratuitous Japanese isn’t your thing.

The next day, Maki discovers that the flowers they were looking at have disappeared. She’s pretty upset by that, but Shino is able to calm her down. The teacher even mentions how Shino makes a good teacher.


Hime and Shino talk shapes

Now for the second part, which returns the focus to the Chisters and Sue. Sue struggles to get her tail through her clothes, so the Chisters decide it is time for some tail training.

Tail training

The tail training begins with simply moving tails from side to side

The Chisters have much longer tails than Sue, so they are able to do more complicated shapes. That doesn’t stop Sue from trying to follow suit though.

Tail training2

Riri joins the Chisters and Sue to play. Manami checks up on them

Sue is upset that she doesn’t have a long tail, but Manami pulls out an old photo album and shows her that the Chis had shorter tails when they were younger.
We then get a conversation regarding tails and clothing. Following that, we get to see what Manami looked like when she was younger.

Young Manami

Young Manami

Later on, there is a programme on TV talking about the prettiest person in the world. Sue thinks that Manami is the prettiest in the world, but the Chisters tell her that there is always someone better. This ends up leading to the Chisters trying to find someone who is prettier than Manami.

Chi and Ryuko

Their teacher, Ryuko – she’s pretty, but not more than Manami


The Chisters and Sue bump into Shino and the others

One of the Chis insists of being picked up by Hime, and she complies. Of course, Shino doesn’t want to be left, so Hime pickers her up as well. Hime gets called cute rather than pretty, and that she will become pretty someday.

Chi, Hime, Shino and Nozomi

Shino insists that Hime is pretty

Talking to Suu

Sue isn’t keen on being picked up by Suu

Realising that the Chisters are looking for pretty people, Hime asks what they think of Nozomi. Despite going to the pool with her earlier on in the season, Chi thought she was a boy.

Unsuccessful search

The Chisters were unable to find anyone prettier than their big sister

Manami says that they should just settle for calling her the prettiest for now. By the time she grows old, that’s when the Chisters and Sue will be the prettiest.

This episode was so good. I get that at times that A Centaur’s Life is about world-building or presenting with us with some rather dark material, but it is this episode that has stood out as my favourite from the entire season.
Just the pure everyday lives of the kids. I was feeling pretty good before watching this episode of A Centaur’s Life, but I feel even better having experienced it. I’d probably enjoy A Centaur’s Life a lot more if every episode was like this, but then again, if every episode was like this, it probably wouldn’t be A Centaur’s Life.

This episode was just so pure. It’s hard to believe that this very same anime gave us a holocaust episode not that long ago…
This has been one of the best episode of A Centaur’s Life, at least in my opinion.

We’re coming towards the end of the season, and thus the end of A Centaur’s Life. It hasn’t exactly been consistently stellar, but I will miss it a little once it is gone – especially when it gives us episodes like this one from time to time.

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