Princess Principal Episode 11: Shopping Trip

Episode 11 of Princess Principal picks up where the previous episode ended, with Ange and Dorothy being assigned a new mission. Their new mission isn’t exactly a pleasant one.Dorothy questions their new mission, but Ange just accepts it.

Dorothy and Ange

Dorothy doesn’t want to kill Princess

Dorothy says that they should put being human above their orders, but Ange claims she isn’t human – she’s from the Black Lizard Planet, after all. After the girls get to their destination, Dorothy has some maintenance to do on the car. Before Ange departs, she thanks Dorothy.


Princess’ new bodyguard, Zelda

When Ange goes to check on Princess, she discovers that Princess has been assigned a new bodyguard named Zelda. With the changes in the chain of command, Zelda has been assigned as commander of Operation: Changeling.

Zelda and Beatrice

A plain piece of paper allows Ange to discover that contacting Princess will be next to impossible

Ange does a test to see if she will be able to communicate with Princess – Zelda makes that pretty much impossible.
Later on, Ange meets with Seven to try and get an idea of the whole situation. After that meeting, Ange returns to discover Chise packing her things.


Chise has been assigned to a different school

Zelda catches up with Ange, and that’s when Ange volunteers to be the one who will kill Princess for the mission. Zelda decides to let her go ahead with it.

Duke of Normandy & Gazelle

Gazelle reports to the Duke of Normandy

Meanwhile, the Duke of Normandy’s audience with the Queen is interrupted. Gazelle informs him that part of the army has started to gather in London.
Back to Ange, and we get another glimpse of her past and how Princess had quite a major effect on her life.

Princess and Ange

Princess and Ange, just like old times

The time to carry out the mission arrives, with Ange and Princess going out shopping together. However, there are plenty of people keeping an eye on the pair – so they use their old tricks to escape from them.
Ange and Princess board the Good Hope, where Ange reveals the assassination plot to Princess. Ange insists on running away to Casablanca, but Princess is determined to stay home and help her people.


Princess says that she never wants to see Ange again

Princess runs off, leaving Ange tapped on the Good Hope. I don’t know, though, I don’t think a door will be enough to stop Ange…
Princess (well, let’s just assume it’s Princess for now), returns to Zelda, who introduces a group of soldiers who are unhappy with the state of the country.


The soldiers are even willing to strike down the Queen.

The soldiers say that they want to make Princess their new sovereign, and Zelda says that they are going to war.

The episode ends there. I strongly suspect that we’ll see Dorothy, Beatrice and Chise back in action next episode.
I quite enjoyed this episode though. Ange tried to run away with Princess like she proposed they do way back at the beginning of the series, but Princess stuck to her ideals. With Zelda and the rebellion willing to make her their new sovereign, it’ll be interesting to see what course of action she will take.
And of course, Ange is stuck on the Good Hope – probably not for too long, though. Well, that’s assuming that Ange and Princess haven’t managed to pull the old switcheroo on us again…

Looks like episode 12 will be the final one… which is a shame, because Princess Principal is really good. I want to see Ange and Princess get their happy ending, but I’m also bracing myself for the worst to happen. Guess we’ll just have to wait until next time to see what happens.

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1 Response to Princess Principal Episode 11: Shopping Trip

  1. OG-Man says:

    The stakes are definitely at their highest right now and I can’t wait to see how it all wraps up.

    Always be prepared for the worst despite what people say in regards to endings.

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