Thoughts on Soul Eater Volume 22

In this volume of Soul Eater, the DWMA approach the Kishin’s hideout and continue the battle against their enemy. Stein will be stepping up, but being so close to the source of madness itself might prove problematic…
There are five chapters in all in this volume, opening with number ninety-three and finishing with ninety-seven. Whilst I will try to be vague about major plot points to keep spoilers to a minimum, there may be some here and there – particularly in regards to chapter titles.
Soul Eater Volume 22
The remaining Death Weapons, along with Kid, gather to stage their assault on the moon. As they approach the Kishin’s hideout, Stein and Justin clash in a violent, madness-fuelled battle. Stein struggles to maintain his grip on sanity while Justin draws power from the Kishin’s inexhaustible aura of madness. Everyone knows there will be casualties on the road to restoring “order” – but will Stein become the first?

All right, I kicked things off with the blurb there. Now, let’s focus on chapter 93, ‘War on the Moon (Part 3)’.
In this chapter, Spartoi travel to Italy to track Crona down, whilst the battle on the moon continues. Kid fights Kaguya, whilst Stein becomes comparable to the Kishin himself.

‘War on the Moon (Part 4)’ is the title of chapter 94, in which Stein starts fighting in his madness-induced form. Whilst his allies have some doubts about this, he also shows that he still retains some reason. We also learn a little about Spirit’s ability.
Whilst Stein fights Justin, Sid infiltrates the moon through its nose. Elsewhere, Kid and his allies fight Kaguya and her allies. The chapter ends with Noah and Gopher encountering Akane and Clay right by the moon’s nose.

Chapter 95 is ‘War on the Moon (Part 5)’. Akane and Clay decide they won’t fight Noah and Gopher to avoid attracting attention to Sid sneaking inside the moon’s nose. They just follow them inside instead.
The battle against the Clowns continues.
Back in Italy, Maka enters Santa Mario Novella Basilica and encounters Crona.

Though chapter 96 is called ‘War on the Moon (Part 6)’, it starts with focus firmly on Earth, in Italy. Maka talks to Crona, but to little avail. Crona decides to go to the moon in order to obtain the Kishin’s power, and naturally Maka insists they follow.
Tezca Tlipoca reports to Shinigami about the events in Italy and on the moon, and mentions negotiating with a fifth power.
The war on the moon continues to rage on as well.

Chapter 97 is ‘War on the Moon (Part 7)’. Shinigami gives the order for Kid to leave the battle – he is required to negotiate with an outside party that will be able to help them fight against the Clown army.
In Italy, Maka and her friends change back to their original outfits (they had been wearing the Spartoi uniform up to this point) and resolve to go after Crona.

This volume of Soul Eater also contains a preview of the first chapter of Soul Eater NOT! – that’s a series I shall be featuring here later on down the line.

Another action-packed volume, as the DWMA continue to fight against the Kishin’s force. The highlight of this volume is arguably seeing Stein in battle, particularly with the form he takes on – the very one on the cover of this volume.
Things continue to move towards the climax, particularly with more groups getting involved and certain characters set to make their way to the site of the final battle.

In the next volume, Kid will carry out his task and negotiate with the aforementioned ‘outside party’. Want to know who that outside party is? Well, read the manga, or just wait until I look at volume 23 where the blurb gives it away almost instantly. I’d definitely strongly recommend the former, though.

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