Thoughts on Soul Eater Volume 23

In this volume of Soul Eater, the DWMA enlists the help of an outside party in order to help them in their battle against the Kishin. Who is that outside party? Well, read on and find out.
There are a total of five chapters in this volume. It opens with chapter 98, and ends with chapter 102. Oh, and as we are getting ever closer to the end, there’ll probably be spoilers here and there – it’s worth keeping that in mind.
Soul Eater Volume 23
Kid enters the witches’ realm to appeal for help! Though they have been DWMA’s enemies for years, the witches share a respect for order – and are equally threatened by the Kishin. Kid’s immediate goal is to deal with the situation on the moon, but he hopes that the negotiations will forge a new pact between DWMA and witches in the future – assuming anyone survives the Kishin’s madness!

This volume kicks off with chapter 98, ‘Witch Trial’. Kid returns to the DWMA, Maka, Soul, Black☆Star and Tsubaki head towards the moon and Akane, Clay, Noah & Gopher end up catching up to Sid in the moon’s nostril.
Turns out there’s a rather… unique ritual for accessing the witch world. Kid ends up in a witch court, and despite heavy opposition from the witches, he throws himself on his hands and knees to beg for their help.

Chapter 99 is called ‘Full Speed Ahead’. Kid returns from the witch world, leaving the witches to discuss his proposition. He also rushes the repairs on the demon airship, so he can get back to the moon as soon as possible.
Inside the moon, Sid, Akane, Clay, Noah and Gopher succumb to a vision of madness, which lets them know that they are approaching the Kishin.
Whilst Kid prepares to depart, Crona arrives on the moon. This chapter closes with Excalibur sneezing a lot…

The 100th chapter of the series is called ‘To the Moon’, and I think that title is a pretty accurate description of what happens. The DWMA forces on the moon continue to fight, whilst Maka and Black☆Star approach.
Of course, they come under fire pretty quickly, so Maka sheds some excess weight in order to be more agile – the excess weight being Black☆Star. Black☆Star pulls off a stunt that can only be described as ‘ridiculously amazing’, and then lands on the moon with a whole army of Clowns facing him down.
Maka remains airborne, and works together with Soul to take control of enemy projectiles, before she lands right in front of Stein and joins the fight on the moon as well.
Excalibur joins Shinigami at the DWMA, and Kid gives the order for the demon airship to charge directly into the moon.

Chapter 101 is called ‘War on the Moon II (Part 1)’. Maka and Black☆Star fight against the Clowns, whilst Kid’s team continues to move ever closer towards the moon once more. Kid’s plan hinges on the witches helping them out – there is a moment of doubt, but things go as Kid hopes in the end.
With everyone arriving on the moon, the witches get to work carrying out their part of the plan. With that complete, the counterattack begins.

‘The War on the Moon II (Part 2)’ is the name of chapter 102. Kilik and Ox join the battle, having arrived on the moon as part of Kid’s team. The Clowns combine their bodies together, and Black☆Star is quick to leap in to fight the new opponent. Maka helps to finish off the foe.
Sid, Akane, Clay, Noah and Gopher draw ever closer to the Kishin. Maka and the other DWMA forces approach the moon’s nose, where she is able to sense Asura and Crona.
I can imagine the last few pages of this volume making for perfect nightmare fuel in animated form.

Soul Eater has been a consistently great series, but I do have to say that things have really picked up with the stuff on the moon. The fights against the Clowns are great, everyone converges on the moon and the final enemy awaits them in its depths.
The stunt Black☆Star pulls off whilst approaching the moon is incredible, even leading Maka to doubt his humanity. I won’t spoil what he does, but it is one of the many things I would love to see in animated form.

With this, there are only two more volumes of Soul Eater to look at. The plan is to look at both over the course of next weekend, which means I will be finished with the Soul Eater manga series soon… though I won’t be quite done with the Soul Eater universe.
In the next volume, the characters will finally face Asura. It’s gonna be great.

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