Maho Girls PreCure! Episodes 17 & 18: A Linkle to the Past & The Second Boss

All right, I’ve caught up on everything, so it’s time for me to take a look at the two episodes of Maho Girls PreCure! that I missed whilst I was away. Episode 17 delves into the past, whilst episode 18 features a major battle.
Also, somewhat fortunately, these two episodes have a direct link so it actually makes a lot of sense to talk about them together.

Kicking things off with episode 17, Mirai’s grandmother reveals that she met a very mysterious person when she was younger.

Mirai's Grandmother's photo

A young Kanoko Yuki – Mirai’s grandmother

This piques the interest of Mirai, so she ends up asking Cassie (that would be the sentient crystal ball, but I’m sure you remember that) to help them look for the person from Kanoko’s memory.
Before they can get to that, the headmaster contacts them and they talk about the battle against Sparda and Dokurokushe’s power.
After that, the girls use Cassie’s power to try and find the person from Kanoko’s memory, but don’t have much luck with it.

Batty's doubts

Batty has doubts about Dokurokushe

Now this is an interesting thing. Having seen all other seasons of PreCure, I know for a fact we have had something like that happen before. Whether that will be the case again or not in Maho Girls, I don’t know. For now, I’ll just consider Dokurokushe¬† to be the big bad. Whilst Batty has doubts, Gamettsu remains loyal.

Back to the girls’ quest to find the person from Kanoko’s memories, and they happen to find her in the park from the photo. They see a cat stuck in a tree, so Mirai and Riko decide to rescue it.

Invisibilty cloaks

You know, I feel that concealing their faces would be the best idea for not being recognised…

Mirai and Riko fly up to rescue the cat, a rogue gust of wind blows off their cloaks and Kanoko sees them. We then get to see just who the person from her memory was.

Kanoko's memory

Clearly the headmaster is above the ‘no magic in the Non-Magic World’ rule…

Due to many memories being etched into the park, a new Linkle Stone appears.

Haa and the Garnet Linkle Stone

Haa and the Garnet

Gamettsu shows up immediately afterwards, and calls forth this week’s Yokubarl.

Monster of the Week

A Grass type

Mirai and Riko use Topaz Style for this battle. During the fight, Haa drops the Garnet.

Pac-Man attack

Waka waka waka….

The Topaz Cures finish off the Yokubarl. However, Gamettsu takes the Garnet and retreats. Haa blames herself for this turn of events.

Unhappy Haa

Unhappy Haa

The episode ends with Mirai and Riko tucking Haa into bed and then speculating that the person Kanoko met was a magician.

Now on to episode 18. It opens with Mirai and Riko receiving a letter from Gamettsu, letting them know that he will be waiting for them on Horizon Island. This means that the girls will be venturing back into the Magic World once more. Of course, this means we get to see a few familiar faces.

Magic Academy class

I’m fairly certain we’ve only ever seen female students at the Magic Academy…

Mirai and Riko only fly past the Magic Academy class, though they are noticed by a few of the girls. More importantly, they happen to run into a few more familiar faces whilst out at sea.


Loretta returns

A reunion

Of course, the young mermaids are present, and even the pegasi come to help out

With help from both Loretta and the pegasi, Mirai, Riko, Mofurun and Haa are able to make it Horizon Island where Gamettsu awaits. The whole thing with returning characters and having to fly through a storm to get to Horizon Island definitely makes this feel like a final encounter.


It’s also worth noting that Haa gets a fair bit of focus… I wonder what the reasoning behind that could be?

Anyway, it’s time for a boss battle.

Gamettsu' final form

Gamettsu used Shell Smash and took on this form

Gamettsu requests to fight the Ruby Style PreCure, because this is going to be a battle of strength.

Miracle & Magical vs Gamettsu

The girls comply with Gamettsu’s request, and we get a battle that completely outshines Sparda’s final stand

Miracle & Magical doing a Black & White impression

This feels familiar – particular for those who have seen the first two season of PreCure

Miracle and Magical struggle against Gamettsu. Haa steps in to attempt to protect them, but…

Haa confronts Gamettsu

If only Haa had more power…

Haa manages to subconsciously call forth a power from the Linkle Smartome, which dispels the darkness surrounding them. Gamettsu tries to attack Mofurun and Haa, but threatening them is never a good idea…

Miracle & Magical protect Mofurun & Haa

Miracle and Magical will protect their family

Miracle and Magical put an end to Gamettsu. He has no regrets, as he was able to use his full power. They retrieve the Garnet, which they wouldn’t have been able to done with help from Haa.

Happy Haa

Happy Haa is much better than unhappy Haa

Mirai, Riko and Haa

A great reaction to the above image

This episode ends on a much happier note than the previous one.

A great pair of episodes, and that fight between Gamettsu and the Cures was probably one of the best so far. Another thing I particularly enjoyed was the return of certain characters – there was a part of me that thought they’d only be one-time appearances, but these last few episodes have proven me completely wrong and I’m glad that they have.
Whilst I’m eagerly anticipating a certain episodes, things definitely look to remain interesting on the way there.

Next time, we’re still in the Magic World – in fact, we’ll be at the heart of the Magic World. There’ll also be another boss battle. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing how that will unfold.

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1 Response to Maho Girls PreCure! Episodes 17 & 18: A Linkle to the Past & The Second Boss

  1. OG-Man says:

    I wonder why Haa got so much focus, hmmmmm? Anyway she was wonderful as always.

    The Cures vs Super Gamettsu was awesome.

    I was so happy to see the lovely Miss Loretta again along with the junior mermaids and the pegasi.

    Hopefully they’ll stay in the magical world longer than a weekend.

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