Rory’s Reviews: Wizard Barristers

Wizard Barristers
Wizard Barristers is a supernatural anime series produced by Arms and directed by Yasuomi Umetsu. It aired from January 12th 2014 to March 30th 2014.

Wizard Barristers is set in Tokyo in 2018, where Wuds (wizards) live alongside humans. Anyone who commits a crime using magic is tried in the Court for Magic, where they are defended by Wizard Barristers.

The plot focuses on Cecil Sudo, who has become the youngest Wizard Barrister at the age of seventeen. She joins the Butterfly law firm, and is strongly motivated for becoming the best Wizard Barrister she can be. Her reasons for doing so are revealed during the series.
In addition to Cecil, the Butterfly law firm also receives another new member in the form of Natsuna Hotaru. At first she is envious of Cecil and treats her coldly, since Cecil’s talents are acknowledged without her having to solve a single case. Fortunately, she doesn’t remain that way as the series continues.
The other members of Butterfly are former prosecutor Mitsuhisa Hachiya, the paralegal Moyo Tento who is hiding quite a secret, the airheaded Tsunomi Kabutohara, Koromo Sasori who is prone to erotic jokes. Tobiro Kamakiri is the oldest and most experienced member of Butterfly, even if he does seem to be a somewhat questionable old man who likes young idols. Mitori Batta is the secretary, though she doesn’t get as much screen time as the other members.
Ageha Chono and her younger brother Seseri are the two senior partners of Butterfly. Whereas Ageha is cool and collected, Seseri is prone to being loud and angry when things don’t go well.

Of course, there are other characters as well. Inspectors Quinn Erari and Shizumu Ekuso are plot-important characters, and members of the Metropolitan Police Department. Then there are the familiars, clients, criminals and the members of the Shark Knight law firm. Also there’s the characters who don’t fit into those categories.
Of course, once the plot really kicks in, anyone who isn’t important to the story is forgotten about.

Wizard Barrister‘s plot is actually fairly interesting, though one could argue that the Ace Attorney series of games has much better court-based drama than this anime series.
Actually, court scenes don’t really have as much focus as the action scenes, so anyone expecting Ace Attorney style courtroom battles might be a little disappointed. That isn’t to say there aren’t any twists; there are some rather intriguing revelations.

If given the task of saying only one negative thing about the series, the entirety of episode eleven immediately springs to mind. The plot continues, and is interesting. However, it was more like watching a slideshow with audio.
Episode eleven suffers heavily from limited animation, which is quite jarring considering that is the only place it is seen. It may be fixed when released on BD and DVD, but to have to sit through that was a disappointment to say the least. It isn’t exactly an episode that can be skipped, either; some important things happen during the course of the episode. Fortunately, normal animation resumes for the last episode.

For a series that supposedly focuses on the law in a world where there is heavy prejudice against wizards, there is a lot of action. It’s no wonder there needs to be a separate Court for Magic considering the sheer destructive force of the magic.
In addition to the flashy action scenes, watching those few moments where Cecil proves herself as a Wizard Barrister makes an interesting watch.

Score: 9/10
An interesting series with surprisingly great action scenes. A real shame about episode eleven, but that is something that can be fixed. Still, Wizard Barristers is well worth watching.

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