Rory’s 3DS Game of April

My 3DS Game of the Month for April is a crossover title. It combines the skills of a certain puzzle-solving gentleman with the wits of a certain shouty lawyer bloke. The game was released on March 28th in the UK.

Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney is the game which I refer to, of course. The game combines gameplay elements from both Level-5’s Professor Layton and Capcom’s Ace Attorney series, as you may have guessed.

The plot starts in London, home of Professor Layton. He and his assistant Luke Triton meet a girl named Espella, who is being pursued by someone.
Visiting London at the same time is Phoenix Wright and his assistant Maya Fey, who end up defending Espella in court. After those events, Professor Layton, Luke, Phoenix and Maya wind up in the medieval town of Labyrinthia, where they eventually meet.

In Labyrinthia, those suspected of being witches are put on trial. So, whilst Professor Layton and Luke solve puzzles, Phoenix defends the innocent in court. Of course, in a world where magic exists, Phoenix has to approach the trials in a different way.

Extra content is available to be downloaded for the game; there is due to be new content every week until September.

For me personally, the court sections outshine the puzzle-solving sections. However, I am biased towards the Ace Attorney series, only ever having played one Professor Layton game.
The story is written by Shu Takumi, the series director for the Ace Attorney series. I’ve really enjoyed what I have played so far, and the plot is certainly compelling. With the prospect of extra content available, I’ll certainly be enjoying this one for a while.

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