Rory’s Reviews: World Conquest Zvezda Plot

World Conquest Zvezda Plot
World Conquest Zvezda Plot, or Sekai Seifuku: Bōryaku no Zvezda, is a twelve episode anime series produced by A-1 Pictures and directed by Tensai Okamura. It combines elements of the fantasy, science fiction and comedy genres. In addition to directing, Tensai Okamura wrote the series with Type-Moon’s Meteor Hoshizora.

The plot focuses on Asuta Jimon, who runs away from home and finds himself as part of the organisation known as Zvezda shortly afterwards. The group is led by a young girl named Kate Hoshimiya, and their goal is world conquest.

The members of Zvezda are certainly an eccentric bunch. Kate/Lady Venera is the leader of Zvezda. She tends to behave just like a child, which is no surprise appearance. However, she has a group of loyal followers.
Asuta joins Zvezda as Dva. Though he doesn’t possess much in the way of combat skills, he is talented at cooking. He uses his culinary expertise to make himself useful to Zvezda. He is quite talented at survival, as well.
Itsuka Shikabane/Lady Plamya is the vanguard of the group. She fights with a sword and is prone to becoming rather angry. Itsuka has a soft spot for Kate.
Natalia ‘Natasha’ Vasylchenko/Professor Um is the scientist of the group. Originally from the Ukraine, she joined Zvezda after meeting Roboko and then Kate.
Goro Shikabane/General Pepel is the largest member of Zvezda. Goro has a sweet tooth, and was a gangster before joining Zvezda.
Roboko is a robotic girl, who joined Zvezda after meeting Natasha. Her source of power is udo.
Yasubee ‘Yasu’ Morozumi is the lowest ranking member of Zvezda, even below that of new recruit Dva. He tends to cause trouble and is addicted to cigarettes. His addiction is disapproved of by the other Zvezda members.

In their quest to conquer the world, Zvezda come up against a group known as White Light. The three main members of White Light are White Robin, White Egret and White Falcon. They clash with Zvezda over the course of the series.

At first, World Conquest Zvezda Plot could be described as a comedy focusing on the lives of villains from a superhero show. However, as the series continues it becomes subject to Cerebus syndrome. Some may not enjoy the more serious tone, but that’s up to those people in the end.

There are some plot points that are brought up and never mentioned again. The first of these is Asuta’s mother and sister; the reason he ran away from his home was due to his father. Another example is the Smokers; it is a possible hint of a bigger bad for Zvezda to deal with.

The finale of the series has several call backs to earlier episodes, before ending with a sequel hook.

Score: 8/10
An enjoyable series, even with it becoming slightly more serious towards the end.

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