Thoughts on Splatoon Volume 12

One arc ends, and another begins in the twelfth volume of Sankichi Hinodeya’s Splatoon manga. Goggles and Gloves finish up playing at being heroes, and then Goggles is taken on a new adventure by Sheldon.
This volume contains chapters forty-five through to forty-eight.

Splatoon Volume 12

Front cover of the twelfth volume of Splatoon, featuring Gloves and Goggles

The final chapter of the Hero Mode arc is here. Find out how it ends for Specs and the gang! And then, a brand new story brings you further into the world of Splatoon. It’s time to get to know Sheldon! His adventure starts right now!

This volume begins with an ending – the ending of the second Hero Mode arc, in which DJ Octavio returns. He has a certain famous Inkling working with him as well – but of course, Goggles’ unconventional approach to… well, everything, really, might just prove key to claiming victory. Some familiar faces also get to join in, much to their confusion.

From there, the story moves on to something we haven’t seen for a while: a normal Turf Wars match. Not ranked, but just two groups of four Inklings competing to cover the most surface with their team’s colour. It also marks the first time that Specs returns to action. The team that Team Blue fights has one unifying theme; let’s just say it’s a very versatile theme.
Refereeing the match is Sheldon, who realises that Goggles may just be the Inkling he is looking for to go on a treasure hunt with.

Thus we jump into the Sheldon’s Adventure arc, in which the Turf Wars matches play out as one vs. one affairs. Doesn’t stop Goggle from approaching them in his usual unconventional way. Unfortunately that does mean that one running gag I grew tired of a long time ago is back once more.
Whilst the blurb suggests that Sheldon’s Adventure might expand the Splatoon lore a bit, I strongly suspect that whatever it is he and Goggles have set out to find will end up being something rather silly – because that would fit the tone of the manga best.
Despair as I might about the running gag, at least the matches against the guardians of the treasure prove to be pretty amusing.

Pretty interesting to see the manga step into some original content, and even bring along a character you’d rarely ever see outside of the weapon shop for the ride. Fairly decent volume of Splatoon here.

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