The Executioner and Her Way of Life Episode 11: Maiden Bathed in Blood

Menou has quite a fight on her hands in the eleventh episode of The Executioner and Her Way of Life. Fortunately, she has at least one capable ally nearby who is willing to lend a hand.


Actually, Menou, I think you’ll find it’s “Pandæmonium”- you know what, never mind…

In the light novel, Menou actually does differentiate between “Pandemonium” (the site of the fog) and “Pandæmonium” (the girl she is fighting). That doesn’t seem to be the case here in the anime – or, at least, that’s what the English subtitles imply. I couldn’t tell you what she says in the original Japanese light novel. Whatever the case may be, I’ll still be referring to her opponent as “Pandæmonium”.

Pandæmoniun snaps Pandæmonium's neck

Pandæmonium’s ability sure makes her a fun villain – well, maybe not so fun if you have to fight her…

This episode continues the adaptation of volume 2, chapter 5: “Maiden Bathed in Blood”. The “warm-up” round, as Pandæmonium calls it, goes the same way in both versions of this story. However, the light novel tells the entire confrontation against Pandæmonium uninterrupted. Here, the anime actually gives us an extra scene.

Akari visits Momo

Akari visits Momo

Akari doesn’t go anywhere near Momo in the light novel. I guess the animators wanted to get at least one scene of Akari interacting with Momo in there some way, despite that not happening at all in either of the volumes that have been adapted. It has been established that Momo will survive her ordeal, but Akari using her powers… I prefer the idea of Momo recovering without any outside help, like in the light novel.

Pandæmonium tears off her arm

Pandæmonium provides a little sustenance for her monsters

Back to the battle, and Pandæmonium keeps to keep a few more of her limbs in the anime. One arm and both legs are fed to her rat monsters in the light novel. Menou’s method for dealing with the horde of rats remains the same, though. Which means she’s exhausted, and vulnerable, after dealing with the rats.

Ashuna and Menou

Ashuna meets Menou for the “first time”

Ashuna joins the fray, throwing her sword to save Menou – because throwing your sword always works. Well, Ashuna knows what she is doing; she isn’t dubbed “Princess Knight” for no reason. An impressive show of teamwork follows, and then Ashuna asks after Momo.
Menou and Ashuna actually leave the castle in the light novel, but are still on the island when things start getting pretty bad. This is where our point of view switches to Akari in the light novel – the first time in the chapter, but the second time in this adaptation of said chapter.

Pandæmonium surprises Akari

Akari’s ability may be impressive, but there’s no way she could fight off Pandæmonium

Pandæmonium confronts Akari in the light novel and anime both, but Akari is forced to use more conjurings in the former. Also, the arms that strangle Akari are described as having “several mouths”. Just relatively small differences like that – the major thing to come out of Akari meeting Pandæmonium has to do with some information Pandæmonium shares. Very intriguing stuff going on here.

The climax

Pandæmonium prepares for the climax

Pandæmonium’s transformation is used as a cliffhanger for this episode – in the light novel, this event actually happens before most of Akari and Pandæmoniun’s conversation. Menou and Ashuna are definitely going to have their hands full, but that’s for next episode – which looks like it’ll be the last one. You know, unless we get a second season…

Great episode, here, though. Pandæmonium’s such a fun villain, and watching Menou fight her was satisfying. Now we have Ashuna added to the mix, and it’s always good to have her around. Superb stuff from The Executioner and Her Way of Life, very much looking forward to seeing Pandæmonium’s promised climax.

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