Chidori RSC Episode 6: The Qualifiers Conclude

The qualifiers continue in the sixth episode of Chidori RSC. Hikari may have had a good performance, but a place at the Nationals is not guaranteed yet. There are still three more groups to get through, and there are some strong competitors in each one.

Hikari & Kiritani Captain

The captain of the Kiritani team makes a surprising discovery

The qualifiers conclude in this episode of Chidori RSC, with Yukio, Izumi and Erika all taking their turns to try and reach the Nationals.

Yukio shoots, Izumi, Hikari and Yuuko watch

Yukio puts in a stellar performance

As the next rounds of qualifiers get underway, we get a little insight into what some of the competitors are thinking. We also see how Kiritani prepared for the competition; they had quite intense training.


Izumi shoots as part of the third group

When it comes to Izumi, she is able to maintain a consistent score. Shame that score is consistently less than 10, but it does lead to some nice teacher-student bonding.

Yuuko & Izumi

Yuuko holds back her impure thoughts

I’m guessing Izumi soon regretted complimenting her teacher, particularly after the two of them ended up hoofing it back to the qualifiers.

Final Round

The competitors for the final round

Included among the number of the final round competitors are Erika and Akira, which means this episode takes a moment to show us a little of their history together. They were raised as sisters, but Akira is described as having a “twisted love” for Erika, which probably goes some way towards explaining why she behaves like she does towards her.
There’s certainly some interesting characters in the final round, too.

Izumi hugs Erika

A lovely bit of team bonding going on here

This episode wraps up with the results of the qualifier, and there is both elation and disappointment among the competitors.

I had a lot of fun watching this episode. I got pulled in right away by Hikari’s antics, which had me laughing from the beginning of the episode.
The humour continued throughout, all whilst the competition was going. Much like last time, I was into competition part as well – seeing the competitors react to what their rivals were doing was a fun part of it.

Chidori RSC continues to be a whole lot of fun.

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