Didn’t I Say to Make My Abilities Average in the Next Life?! Episode 7: Taking a Break

The seventh episode of Abilities Average offers us an anime-only experience (if I recall correctly). The Crimson Vow have been working hard, and as such they decide it is time to take a break. Mile knows exactly what they should do with their time off.PaulineIn this episode, the Crimson Vow take some time off and each go and do their own thing. However, they soon start yearning for each other’s company, and Mile knows exactly what they should do with their free time. Ladies and gentlemen, this is a beach episode.


Mavis looking all refined

Before we get to that point, though, the Crimson Vow split up to pursue their own interests. Of couse, Pauline is keeping track of the group’s spending, whilst Mavis goes to a nearby café.

Lenny & Reina

Lenny discovers Reina’s secret hobby

Turns out Reina has her own interests that she’d prefer to keep secret from Mile and the others. She also makes for a decent impressionist. Unfortunately, she is discovered, but Lenny isn’t about to tell the rest of the Crimson Vow.


Mile practices her dogeza

Mile practicing her dogeza is something I can vaguely recall happening in the light novel – she may have taught it to the others, my memory is kind of hazy regarding that. Basically, she’s practicing apologising.
Enough of that, though. After being apart for a short while, the Crimson Vow decide it would be better if they spend time together. Of course, Mile has something planned for just that.Swimsuit MileSwimsuit MavisSwimsuit PaulineSwimsuit ReinaAfter convincing the others to change into their swimsuits, the Crimson Vow get started on doing beach things – but not swimming. Splashing the shallows is fine, but Mile is insistent that they can’t do any swimming.

Crimson Vow at the Beach

The Crimson Vow play around on the beach, with a little help from things made by Mile

Despite not really having one in the light novels (to the best of my knowledge, anyway), Abilities Average has managed to squeeze in a beach episode. Mile wanting to do what she was not able in her past life resulted in this.
It was a fun, light-hearted episode. Seems like a nice little refresher before we jump into another potentially dramatic arc, this time with Pauline at its centre.
Overall, great stuff.

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1 Response to Didn’t I Say to Make My Abilities Average in the Next Life?! Episode 7: Taking a Break

  1. OG-Man says:

    “There wasn’t a beach chapter in the light novel”. I’m sure you can imagine how little I care about that.

    Swimsuit episodes are a necessity and as you said this was a fun one.

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