MCM London Comic Con Stuff October 2019

In the month of October, I have travelled down to London a total of three times; first was to visit the Forbidden Planet Megastore as a birthday treat to myself, second was to stand in a queue for nigh on seven hours and the third time was for MCM Comic Con.
As usual, I shall be sharing my haul of goodies from the event.


MCM Comic Con Official Show Guide

I’ve never really shown it before, but every MCM Comic Con has its own Show Guide which is available for free. Sometimes they’ll be highlighting a specific thing, but this time around they’ve settled for a generic Halloween theme. With that done, I shall now start sharing things I bought.



For me, TokyoToys is one of the places I always have to visit when I go to MCM, and that is to pick up a pack of Pocky. There are also some Hello Panda biscuits, too, and the flavours of the Pocky are quite diverse: there is strawberry, blueberry, mango, choco banana, cookies & cream, and the classic chocolate, of course.


Volumes 1 – 3 of Didn’t I Say to Make My Abilities Average in the Next Life?! The Manga, Volume 6 of Konohana Kitan and Volume 2 of Futaribeya: A Room for Two

You know who has a pile of manga that they haven’t read yet, let alone review? That would be me, and my visit to Comic Con only made that pile bigger. I’m quite looking forward to seeing how different the Abilities Average manga is compared to the light novels and anime adaptation, whilst Konohana Kitan and Futaribeya increase my collection of yuri manga.


Hidamari Sketch Season 1, Dragon Ball Super: Part 3 and One Piece Collection 13

I still have a backlog of anime from the previous Comic Con back in May, but that didn’t deter from adding a few more to my collection. I’ve never actually seen Hidamari Sketch, so I’m looking forward to experiencing that for the first time.


Miyamoto Emiko Toei Animation PreCure Works

Look around Comic Con, and you’ll no doubt find a few artbooks for sale here and there. I was lucky enough to stumble upon the Miyamoto Emiko Toei Animation PreCure Works books, which features plenty of lovely art from Maho Girls PreCure. There are also character design and key animation sections in this art book, too.


Gourai-Kai Ver.2 Frame Arms Girl

I bought myself another Frame Arms Girl, because its about time I got one to accompany Stylet who is just sitting on my shelf. Who better than Gourai herself. Seems I’m going to be quite busy with my hobbies for quite a while.



So the Good Smile Company were doing an offer on some of the Nendoroids they had for sale: 3 for £75 (or 5 £100), and I couldn’t resist. It’s a little hard to see in the picture above, but I picked up Comic Girls’ Kaoruko Moeta, Dropkick on My Devil‘s Jashin-chan and Is the Order a Rabbit?‘s Rize. I’ll admit that Jashin was not my first choice (or second, or third… my decision to take advantage of the deal came later into the day, so they had sold out of the more popular ones in the offer).


Momo Minamoto Nendoroid

Separate from the deal, I also picked up Momo Minamoto, from Release the Spyce. I’ll probably do another blog post in the neat future taking a look at the Nendoroids out of their packaging, showing a few different poses and expressions.
That will also apply to Gourai-Kai, once I finish building her – whenever that may be.

I had a great time at Comic Con, and am happy with everything I picked up.

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