Thoughts on New Game! Volume 4

Volume four of New Game! once again takes us back into Eagle Jump, as the development of their next game continues. The employees have new roles to adjust to, as well as various obstacles to overcome.

New Game! Volume 4

Front cover of the fourth volume of New Game!, featuring Hajime Shinoda, Aoba Suzukaze and Yun Iijima

As Aoba approaches her second year of working at Eagle Jump, she has more trials to overcome as lead character designer.
This volume takes a look at the relationships between certain characters – we have Nene and Umiko’s student-teacher thing, we get some stuff between Hajime and Yun, and of course, it wouldn’t be New Game! without more Rin and Kou.

Much like the previous volumes of New Game!, there’s a lot of fun to be found in here as the manga focuses on the everyday lives of the Eagle Jump staff. Whether its attending hero shows or actually working on development of Peco, the studio’s next game, there’s plenty going on in this volume.

This volume also gives the characters a chance to show how much they have grown since the beginning; Hifumi and Kou in particular are more prone to smiling. Some characters remain the same as ever, with Rin not exactly being happy when she sees Kou getting on with other people.
Amusingly, it seems that everyone besides Kou can see Rin’s feelings for her – it even gets acknowledged in the manga by Hifumi.
On a similar sort of subject, there’s also Valentine’s Day for the Eagle Jump staff to worry about – seems the size of the chocolate they give out is rather important. Also, we get some fun stuff with Aoba and whiskey bonbons.

There is a lot of fun stuff to read in this volume, but the tone does tend to dip into being a little more serious at times. The girls do have a game to develop, after all, and there are deadlines to be met.
Aoba also finds herself having to directly compete with Kou when it comes to producing a key visual for Peco. It is a little tough on her, but she has the full support of everyone in Eagle Jump.

Outside of Eagle Jump, Nene continues her efforts to surprise Aoba, with a little help from Umiko. She actually has a couple of surprises in store for Aoba in this volume, and Umiko has a hand in both of them. The end result of all that is quite a nice pay off, though Nene certainly has her work cut out for her if she really wants to prove her worth.

New Game! continues to be a fun read, delving into a more serious tone when it needs to. All in all, great stuff.

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