Thoughts on New Game! Volume 3

The Eagle Jump ladies are embarking on a new project in the third volume of Shotaro Tokuno’s New Game! manga; that’s provided that they can come up with something that the publisher likes first.

New Game! Volume 3

Front cover of the third volume of New Game!, featuring Hifumi Takimoto and Aoba Suzukaze

This volume of New Game! focuses on Aoba and the other Eagle Jump employees working on their next game, but it is not all just work. The end of the year means some time off, and there is the company trip as well.

This volume kicks off with a treat for Hifumi fans, as we get colour pages of her trying on various outfits. After that, it is business as usual for New Game!.
The main focus on this volume is the preparations for Eagle Jump’s next project, which leads to Aoba competing against Kou.

This gives a rare case of some drama in New Game!, as it is generally more light-hearted. Still, Aoba learns a valuable lesson, and Kou even gets to grow as a person from all that, too.

Whilst on the subject of Kou, it is worth mentioning that she and Rin pretty much just like a married couple. They even spend a candlelit Christmas night together.
Aoba and Hifumi grow closer, too, as a result of Hifumi’s steadily building confidence. It’s been a gradual thing, but over the course of these three volume of the New Game! manga, Hifumi has been opening up a little more. That’s not the only thing that Hifumi’s confidence gains her; a new role awaits her, too.
Hajime and Yun are as close as ever, and then we have Nene and Umiko effectively going on a date. Shotaro Tokuno does mention something in the afterword about focusing on the girls and their relationships; this volume definitely reflects that.

This volume may have its moment of drama, but the overall tone is light. Definitely a fun read.

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