Aikatsu Friends! Shining Jewel Episode 21: Desire to Grow

I am disappointed that Aikatsu Friends! Shining Jewel will be ending in the matter of a few weeks. At least the girls of Star Harmony Academy will be around in Aikatsu on Parade!, I suppose.
What I am not disappointed in, though, is the quality of this second season of Aikatsu Friends!. It has been excellent from the very start. Let’s see if it continues that trend with this Reflect Moon episode.

Sakuya & Kaguya

Sakuya & Kaguya

In this episode, Kaguya comes to a decision about her future. It is one that means she will end up spending quite some time away from Sakuya, and that is something that the twins will have to come to terms with.

Karen in New York

Karen is in New York

The decision that Kaguya makes can be attributed to Karen, who is continuing her job as Aikatsu ambassador around the world. Apparently Star Harmony Academy (which has produced at least two pairs of Diamond Friends) can’t provide the same level of Aikatsu expertise as the place that Karen is setting up in New York. I guess it is more the managerial side of things that Kaguya is particularly interested in.

Kaguya & Sakuya

Sakuya is not oblivious

Kaguya’s decision doesn’t come quickly, though. It is something she gives some steady thought to, though Sakuya is able to pick up on what Kaguya is considering pretty quickly. That shouldn’t really come as a surprise.


Sakuya wants to become stronger for Kaguya’s sake

Sakuya supports Kaguya’s decision. Kaguya has her own concerns about Sakuya, so Sakuya takes on something that should help her grow. It’s a pretty amusing sequence, as well as a throw back to something Pure Palette did before.

Sakuya & Kaguya crying

Sakuya & Kaguya show each other their true emotions

Sakuya and Kaguya may support each other in their decisions, but it turns out they are holding back their emotions – which of course lends itself to an intimate, emotional scene between the two.

Reflect Moon

Well, I certainly have my own interpretation of what is happening in this scene

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Reflect Moon give us a performance for this episode. ‘Have a dream’ is a great song, but I was hoping we would get something new. Oh well.

Yet another good episode of Aikatsu Friends! Shining Jewel. It seems that all the best Friends end up spending at least some time apart, and that now includes Reflect Moon – or a future Reflect Moon. Kaguya is still very much with Sakuya at this point. Whatever the case, Friends always seem to come back more powerful after a hiatus – as Pure Palette and I Believe have quite aptly demonstrated.

Next episode is Love Me Tear – that is quite literally the title of the next episode.

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