Maerchen Maedchen Episode 1: Find Your Own Story

New anime shows continue premiere for the beginning of the winter season of this year, and Maerchen Maedchen is one that I am particularly interested in. I shared news about it when stuff was announced previously, now it’s time to share my thoughts on the show itself.We begin with a glimpse of something that will happen later on in the episode, whilst our main character gives a monologue about the different kinds of story.
The opening theme for Maerchen Maedchen is sung by fhána – who also did the opening theme for Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid last year.

Hazuki Kagimura

The main protagonist, Hazuki Kagimura

Hazuki Kagimura is a 16 year old girl with no friends. That’s how she introduces herself. She also has a tendency to lose focus, which ends up netting her a trip to the teacher’s office – and not for the first time.
After her conversation with the teacher, Hazuki encounters three girls outside.

Misa and friends

The girl in the middle is Hazuki’s sister

As we learn later in the episode, Hazuki is adjusting to life with a new family. This includes a new older sister, called Misa. Misa pretty much has a go at Hazuki, which ends up making Hazuki run away.

Story Syndrome

Hazuki lost in the world of books

Whenever something sad or painful happens to Hazuki, she responds to it by getting lost in the world of books.
Hazuki says that is a bad habit, and she does want to get along better with other people.


Hazuki is able to get along with others in her fantasies

After Hazuki comes back down to Earth, she discovers an unfamiliar book has just appeared in her bag.

Hazuki's new book

Hazuki’s mysterious new book

She gets rather excited about it, but that quickly disappears when she is unable to open it. However, a hooded stranger walks past her and that piques Hazuki’s interest. Hazuki decides to follow the girl, and quickly realises that she is the only one who can see her.


The hooded girl ends up getting the jump on Hazuki

When the hooded girl confronts Hazuki, Hazuki pretty much accidentally confesses to her. She trips over her words, but eventually says that she wants to be friends. The hooded girl doesn’t seem to have much interest and flies off on her broom.
Hazuki is absolutely thrilled at the prospect of meeting a real mage. She also notices that the mage has forgotten her bag, so Hazuki grabs it and pursues her to a library.

Another World

An entrance to another world

Hazuki tries to follow the mage, but doesn’t have much luck at first. However, that blue book from earlier starts glowing, and the entrance reveals itself. Hazuki doesn’t have any time to think, as she is pulled into the other world.


Hazuki thinks this girl looks like a thug

The first person that Hazuki meets when she arrives in the world of magic (as she calls it) is a thug-like girl. Hazuki ends up running away – she may not be athletic, but she can move swiftly when she feels like it.

Another Encounter

The second person that Hazuki encounters

Hazuki ends up encountering the lass in the screenshot above. Hazuki tries to explain what happened, and then ends up in an open air bath. She has a conversation with the woman, but that is soon cut short.
The thug girl blasts her way into the bath. Hazuki decides to run again, though she discovers that her clothes have disappeared. However, her book is still there, and it is rather large…


Hazuki runs whilst covering herself with her book

Hazuki ends up running into an area where there are several other girls. The thug girl also catches up, and tells Hazuki she can clothe herself if she users her Original.

Yumilia Qazan

Yumilia Qazan demonstrates the power of her Original

So Hazuki has made it to the world of magic, and some thug-like girl is threatening her with a blade. The thing Hazuki regrets most is not being able to make friends with that mage girl from earlier.
However, someone calls out for Yumilia to stop. Sure enough, it is that mage girl from earlier. We see a glimpse of Hazuki’s power as a Maedchen, but she falls unconscious.

Hazuki and Mage girl

The mage girl holds Hazuki

The episode ends with Hazuki wondering what a Maedchen is before she falls unconscious. We’ll have to find the answer to that next time.

Only one episode in, and I can already tell you that I absolutely love Maerchen Maedchen. I already adore Hazuki, and the magical girl-like transformations are something appeal to me a lot.
I’m also somewhat reminded of Maho Girls PreCure! with the way that a non-magical girl met a mage girl, as well as the whole magic world thing. These are all things that certainly win points with me.
That chase sequence amused me quite a bit, too.

A very strong premiere for a show that I have been very excited for. Naturally, I am looking forward to seeing more – in particular, a certain blonde girl that we see wearing a red jumper during the end credits.
If you kept up with cast announcements then you’ll know who she is, but I won’t spoil that here for those who haven’t. Actually, talking of the end credits… there’s certainly some nice stuff to see during them. Also, that stuff may be indicative of the kind of relationships we may be able to expect from the characters, and that has got me very excited for seeing more.

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  1. OG-Man says:

    The Middle-Eastern hottie is my hype girl of the show. Really excited for her debut. But yes this was worth the wait and I too am stoked to learn more about this show.

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