Katana Maidens ~ Toji No Miko Episode 2: Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

Events moved pretty quickly in the first episode of Katana Maidens ~ Toji No Miko, and that continues to be the case for episode 2 as well. This time around, we learn why Hiyori took the actions she did last time.

Hiyori and Kanami

Hiyori thinks they should go their separate ways

After the events of the first episode, Kanami and Hiyori are on the run. Hiyori would prefer to go it alone, but Kanami insists on accompanying her no matter what. Kanami’s reason is that she wants to properly face Hiyori in a match.
Ultimately, Hiyori tells Kanami to just do whatever – naturally, Kanami still intends to stay with her.


Mai is questioned by Maki Shidou

Meanwhile, Mai is questioned by one of Yukari’s bodyguards, Maki Shidou. She doesn’t really have much to tell them about Kanami, so she is cleared of any suspicion fairly quickly.

In a Lorry

Hiyori and Kanami stow away in the back of a lorry

Whilst hiding in the lorry, Kanami notices that Hiyori is in possession of an analogue spectrum metre – effectively a device for locating aradama. Also, turns out that Hiyori hadn’t been sure of Kanami’s name for this whole time – that is cleared up at this point, though.
Kanami and Mai end up in Tokyo, where they buy guitar cases to hide their okatana, and casual clothes so they can blend in with crowds. After finding somewhere to stay overnight, Kanami finds a public phone and makes a call.

Mai on the phone

Kanami calls Mai

Kanami lets Mai know that she is fine. An announcement plays in the background whilst she is speaking – that is something that Mai makes use of a little later on.
After her brief conversation with Mai, Kanami returns to Hiyori.

Hiyori's okatana

Hiyori’s okatana is double-edged

Kanami admires Kogarasumu, Hiyori’s blade, and even reveals that she was able to see the techniques that Hiyori used back when she attacked Yukari. Hiyori is surprised by that, whilst Kanami is just excited to talk about sword techniques.
During the night, Hiyori wants to know why Kanami won’t ask her anything about their situation. Kanami quite simply states that she will be there to listen when Hiyori is ready to share.

Mai's search

Mai receives permission to search for Kanami

Mai is able to track Kanami and Hiyori down to Tokyo, but they manage to escape from her for a little while. The pair decide to go to a place with a lot of people as it will be easier to blend in. Kanami figures that they might as well have some fun whilst they’re at it.

Ice Cream

Hiyori is serious about her mint chocolate chip ice cream

After that, Hiyori’s spectrum metre detects an aradama. Hiyori decides the best option is to leave it, but Kanami convinces her otherwise.

Confronting the aradama

Confronting the aradama

Together, Kanami and Hiyori make quick work of the aradama. Defeated aradama leave behind something known as ‘noro’, which they have no way to collect. However, Mai arrives and says she will take care of it. Before that, though, she intends to save Kanami.

Hiyori vs Mai

Hiyori and Mai clash blades

Despite Kanami’s protests, Hiyori and Mai end up fighting. However, Kanami interrupts and then reveals the true reason she has been going along with Hiyori. It has something to with Yukari. Since Kanami is serious about allying with Hiyori, Mai accepts her decision.
Mai hands some cookies over to Kanami. A phone number also happens to be included, just in case Kanami needs any help.

That brings episode 2 to an end, and that revelation we got was quite the thing. I feel like it’s the kind of revelation you would more typically find during the middle or end of a series. Katana Maidens ~ Toji No Miko certainly isn’t hanging around, that’s for sure. How it will end up affecting the show overall is tough to say at the moment.
As for the rest of the episode… pretty good, I’d say. We now have an idea of why Hiyori is doing what she is doing, and Kanami joining up with her makes a little more sense now. We also got some fun sections, particularly with Kanami and Hiyori blending in, as well as the ice cream thing.
As someone who also favours mint chocolate chip ice cream as well, I can appreciate Hiyori’s preference for the flavour.

The aradama battle was nice to see, even if it was other in a flash. I had thought that after the introductory scene in the first episode they would be irrelevant for a while, but I can safely say this episode proved me wrong. Maybe not with the actual fight, but a certain other event…

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  1. OG-Man says:

    That was a neat twist. Mai fighting for her bae was sweet. Looking forward to when the “Murican” and her short sweetie join our runaway heroines. Also interested in seeing the threats both the runaways and Mai will be facing next time.

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