Princess Principal Episode 3: Patriotism and Principle

Princess and Beatrice embark upon their first mission in episode 3 of Princess Principal. Princess has a specific goal in mind that she needs Ange’s help for, whilst Beatrice is a little more reluctant about working with spies.

Ange & Princess

Princess still wants to become queen

The episode continues with Ange and Princess’s conversation from the previous one, and Princess wants to become the queen so she can get rid of the wall and unite all of Albion.
Ange had other plans, but she is persuaded by Princess’s words. She does say that she will deceive everyone, though: control, Princess and even herself.

Beatrice & Princess.jpg

Beatrice is against Princess working with spies

Later on, Beatrice talks with Princess. Princess apologises for her decision about Ange, and Beatrice lets her know in no uncertain terms that she is against the whole thing. A pair of visitors then arrive: Beatrice and Dorothy.

Dorothy and Ange

Dorothy suggests Princess secretly crossdresses, as an excuse for them being friends

Ange suggests that they grew up on the Black Lizard Planet together, but that idea is quickly cast aside. Regardless, Ange and Dorothy take Princess and Beatrice to their club room.

Club room.jpg

The club room is well equipped

Orders have come down from Control; the girls have to board the HMS Gloucester and recover printing plates for the Commonwealth Pound. This will be Princess’s first mission.
Beatrice grows even more frustrated with Princess’s decision to join the spies, and her voice goes odd as she shouts. There’s a device in her throat, and there’s a pretty disturbing reason for that.


Beatrice’s father was obsessed with machines. Possessed by them, he started experimenting on his own daughter.

Beatrice suffered a lot because of that, but Princess reached out and befriended her.
The time for the mission to be carried out arrives. Whilst Princess and Dorothy do their thing, Ange finds herself accompanied by Beatrice.


Beatrice is present solely for the sake of Princess

Beatrice is convinced that Ange’s goal is to replace Princess. But enough of that, the time for Ange to make her move arrives. However, Beatrice tries to grab her.

Ange & Beatrice

Ange battles the current to save Beatrice

Ange and Beatrice are able to board the airship, and Ange plans to grab the printing plates and parachute out as soon as possible. Beatrice says she would rather die than help a spy.

Ange holds Beatrice at gunpoint.jpg

Ange tells Beatrice to die for her princess

If Ange gets caught, she’s just a spy. If Beatrice gets caught, however, it would probably be a simple matter for the enemy to work out she is connected to Princess. Beatrice is pretty much left with no other choice but to go along with Ange.
Ange and Beatrice make their way to a radio communications room, where they are able to determine the location of the printing plates. Ange decides to take the most efficient route to them.

Different route.jpg

Going outside is the best option

The airship happens to fly through a storm, and a bolt of lightning strikes it. Ange is knocked unconscious for a short while, and spotted by the enemy. An alarm sounds and she finds herself under fire.
Ange presses onward, right into a fight with the enemy. Beatrice follows her, and stumbles into quite a scene.

Plates retrieved

Ange retrieves the plates

Ange gives the plates and the last parachute to Beatrice and tells her to escape. The enemy starts knocking at the door, but Beatrice can adjust her voice to sound just like their superior.


Ange and Beatrice jump from the airship, whilst Beatrice shouts her love for the princess

Whilst Beatrice shouts that she loves Princess, Ange shouts that she hates her. We all know that Ange is a liar, though.
Once Ange and Beatrice return to the school, they get on much better than before.

I have no doubts in my mind now: Princess Principal is good. Like, really good. I’ve really enjoyed these first three episodes, and I am probably going to enjoy the rest of them as well.
For a spy anime, Princess Principal is pretty much delivering what I would like to see; we’ve got subterfuge and espionage, together with a healthy dose of action. I like the character interactions quite a lot, too.

I certainly wasn’t expecting Beatrice’s backstory, but at least some good came of it thanks to Princess befriending her. Her ability to change her voice like that will almost certainly prove to be an invaluable skill for a spy.

I imagine it won’t be long before we get to Chise’s introduction. I’m looking forward to seeing how she ended up joining Ange and the others.

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1 Response to Princess Principal Episode 3: Patriotism and Principle

  1. OG-Man says:

    Poor Beatrice sure had it rough. Very shocking flashback. I predict she will be the Yayaka of the show except not a meanie to Ange and Princess.

    The action and espionage continue to deliver.

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