Symphogear AXZ Episode 4: People Are Just the Same as Tomatoes

Rev up the hype thrusters to maximum, as Symphogear AXZ returns once more. Saint-Germain has been working on something to give herself and her fellow alchemists a boost. Let’s see how effective that proves to be in the fourth episode of Symphogear AXZ.We start with a brief flashback of Saint-Germains past, and she certainly did not have an easy life back then.


Cagliostro gets bored just waiting around

Cagliostro decides to head out and have some fun instead of just waiting around. Saint-Germain is working on the Faust Robes, but Cagliostro doesn’t have the patience to wait for them to done.
Meanwhil, S.O.N.G. go to Matsuhiro in order to get the documents they retrieved from Val Verde decrypted. In order to keep the place extra secure, all citizens have been ordered to evacuate – something that the Symphogear users aren’t keen about.


The S.O.N.G. members watch on as the documents are decrypted

Hibiki, Tsubasa and Chris are to go on standby and guard the area. Since Maria, Kirika and Shirabe are without LiNKER for the time being, they’re stuck ensuring that the civilians have been evacuated.


Kirika mistakes a scarecrow for a civilian

Maria’s team do end up bumping into an actual a civilian. An old lady was collecting the last harvest of tomatoes for the year. She lets Kirika and Shirabe try a tomato each, but they don’t get much time to enjoy them as Cagliostro shows up.


Cagliostro summons Alca-Noise as she has no interest in those who can’t use their Symphogear

Cagliostro refers to Maria’s team as ‘Team Neapolitan’, which is rather amusing actually. Of course, whether the subs actually accurately reflect the Japanese dialogue or not, I don’t know. Still, I don’t mind going going along with Cagliostro and calling them Team Neapolitan for now.

Chris transformed.jpg

Chris is the first to arrive at the scene as she was the closest

Chris dispatches the Alca-Noise in her usual manner, allowing Team Neapolitan to escape with the tomato lady. When Chris aims for Cagliostro, she slips behind her, but Cagliostro should have guarded her own back.

Back attack.jpg

Hibiki catches Cagliostro off guard

Cagliostro then gets the order to retreat.
Meanwhile, the tomato lady shares a tomato with Maria. Maria accepts it, and finds it surprisingly sweet. Supposedly the sweetest tomatoes are grown in the harshest environments, and the old lady seems to think that applies to people as well.



Kamakura contacts Genjuro, and makes it clear in no uncertain terms that he is not happy with the alchemists being left alive after their encounter with the Symphogear users.

Elfnein & Maria.jpg

I still like the bond between these two

Maria catches a glimpse of Elfnein’s research and it brings back some painful memories for her. Regardless, it is necessary if Maria, Kirika and Shirabe want to start using their Symphogears again.
The alarm then sounds, as a large number of Alca-Noise have shown up. Team Neapolitan heads out, though Genjuro tells them not to do anything reckless. Hibiki’s team are already confronting the Alca-Noise, and they don’t intend to mess about.


Hibiki, Tsubasa and Chris use the Ignite module right away

It’s not just the Alca-Noise who have appeared, though. The enemy alchemists join the battle, and they are clad in Faust Robes.PrelatiCagliostro Faust RobesSaint-GermainWith their new Faust Robes, the alchemists are able to cancel the effects of the Symphogear users’ Ignite modules.


Hibiki swears to stop the alchemists if they intend to hurt anyone

Cagliostro says that her goal is simply to free mankind. Hibiki asks why they can’t work together, but that conversation is cut short by the arrival of a certain someone.


Adam Weishaupt

Since Adam is an alchemist, he transmutes gold – with an explosive result. Enough to force Saint-Germain and the others to retreat, whilst Team Neapolitan resort to using their Symphogears with LiNKER to try and save the defeated Sympohgear users.
A ten megaton fireball obliterates the land, and the fate of the Symphogear users is left uncertain. We’ll have to wait until the next episode to see what happened.

Symphogear continues to be as great as ever. I just love it so much.
I’m going out on a limb here and assuming that Hibiki and the others survived Adam’s explosion, and that their Symphogears will probably receive an upgrade before the season ends.
The Faust Robes means that Saint-Germain, Cagliostro and Prelati can now fight the Symphogear users on an even keel – or, as was the case in this episode, completely overwhelm them.
I’ve also grown pretty fond of referring to Maria, Kirika and Shirabe as Team Neapolitan, so I don’t think I’ll be stopping that any time soon. It was admirable how they were willing to put their very existences on the line to save Hibiki and the others; let’s just hope that they were able to do so.
I’m guessing Adam will play the role of big bad for now. His indiscriminate attack suggests that he may not care too much for the alchemists, which might result in betrayal later on down the line.
I could totally be wrong, though, because this is Symphogear, and it doesn’t exactly do predictable.

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  1. OG-Man says:

    Adam revealed himself sooner than expected.

    Thank you Saint-Germain for giving us Cagliostro. So sexy.

    Kirika and Shirabe thought that scarecrow, they obviously haven’t met Hinako.

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