Maho Girls PreCure! Episode 37: Sigh of the Ice Dragon

In the 37th episode of Maho Girls PreCure!, the girls return to the Magic World in order to make some Frozen Clementines. The opening sequence for this episode (and probably a few after it) feature scenes the Maho Girls PreCure! film.

At the beginning of the episode, Mirai finishes her homework, and then the girls receive a message from the Magic Academy’s deputy head.


The headmaster has pulled a disappearing act.

The girls waste no time in taking a trip over to the Magic World – after all, the last time the headmaster disappeared, a climactic battle ended up taking place. Whilst they’re on the Snailiner, the snack snail comes along.


‘Reitou mikan urikiredesu’ – basically there’s no Frozen Clementines available.

Mofurun’s pretty keen to share a Frozen Clementine with Chikurun, but is out of luck. The girls then receive a clue as to the whereabouts of the headmaster: ‘The Crest… of the Sun.’ The girls are pretty quick to figure out where to go.


It’s always midsummer on Fire Island.

Shortly after their arrival, they discover the headmaster’s hat and the Magic Crystal underneath it. The headmaster shows up shortly afterwards, as well.


Turns out the headmaster isn’t involved in anything dangerous this time.

The headmaster had gone to Fire Island to check up on the Sun-kissed Oranges which are used to create Frozen Clementines and wound up helping to pick them. The oranges hadn’t been growing properly – clearly something is wrong with the sun in the Magic World.


The headmaster meets Chikurun for the first time.

Apparently the headmaster has been to the Fairy Village, and is familiar with the Queen there – it seems pretty likely that’ll be something that will come up in a future episode. Back to the present, now the oranges have been harvested it’s time for step two of creating Frozen Clementines.


The second step involves the ice dragons of Ice Island.

From one extreme temperature to another, huh? Anyway, the sigh of an ice dragon is what is needed to freeze the oranges. When an ice dragon sees an orange, it’s supposed to sigh with envy towards the warm environment it came from – except this particular batch of oranges don’t trigger any such feelings within the dragon.


Chikurun tells the enemy about the Linkle Stones.

Oruba seems to believe the Pretty Cure’s power involves the very thing that sealed him and the others away, which is the reason for the espionage.

The headmaster contacts the deputy head to let her know the situation, and she reminds him that a festival is coming up. Chikurun returns shortly afterwards, and then they all set to work trying to get an ice dragon to sigh. Kotoha’s attempt doesn’t quite work…


She didn’t even peel that orange…


That’s a great reaction Mirai’s got there.

The next plan is to create a hot spring, which ideally should get an ice dragon to sigh. Riko melts away some ice, and the headmaster heats the water – with magic, of course.


This plan doesn’t work either.


Mirai has an ice dragon chase her to make it breathe heavily.

Mirai’s plan is slightly more successful than the others, but the result isn’t quite what they’re looking for.


They specifically need an ice dragon’s sigh.

Chikurun throws the failed attempt away.


Despite her attire, Benigyo does not feel the cold.

She seems content to watch the headmaster, Riko and Kotoha search for Mirai. That is, until she ends up accidentally eating the Frozen Clementine Chikurun threw away, and then she confronts them.


The Donyokubarl for episode 37.

Since Mirai is absent, Kotoha has to go solo for a while.


Cure Felice

Having fallen victim to the cold, Mirai had crashed her broom and finds herself unable to fly. Regardless, she’s determined to get back to the others when she sees they’re in trouble.


This probably could have been avoided with a pair of gloves…

Chikurun believes its too far to walk in the extreme cold, but Mirai isn’t one for abandoning those who are close to her. A passing ice dragon also happens to notice her.
Back at the battle, Felice finds herself frozen on the spot and at the mercy of the Donyokubarl.


The headmaster uses his magic to protect Felice.


It doesn’t last for long, though.

With Felice stuck, Riko untransformed and the headmaster all out of magic, Benigyo’s pretty confident of the win. However, Mirai arrives just in the nick of time.


She’s even got a lift.


Ruby Style transformation.

Miracle and Magical’s burning passion melts the ice around Felice’s feet, and the three of them start fighting. Even the ice dragon gets involved, and we get a small glimpse of Benigyo’s power. Once again, the Cures end up powering up with an impassioned speech, and they are able to defeat the Donyokubarl. Benigyo retreats after that, and they get back to trying to create Frozen Clementines.


The ice dragon falls for Kotoha, and lets out a sigh of love.

The sigh of love is just what they needed to freeze the oranges, and Chikurun is able to finally try a Frozen Clementine. The headmaster returns to his old- or rather, young – self and Kotoha thanks the ice dragon for its support.

That wraps up episode 37, and I always welcome a return to the Magic World. As such, this episode was enjoyable. The first visit to Ice Island only gave us a brief glimpse of the ice dragons, so I’m happy to see that they get to play an important part in at least one episode. It was also nice to have a reminder that the headmaster will take action when things get dangerous, even if it does leave him as an old man.

Next time, it’s a festival episode and there’s a special guest.

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