Magical Girl Raising Project Episode 4: Every Girl is Capable of Being a Princess

This episode made me appreciate Swim Swim and Nemurin a little more. Curious as to know why? Well, read on – though considering the nature of this show, I should probably stick a spoiler warning at the beginning of each post.
Considered yourself warned – if you intend to watch this episode, do so before reading this post. There hasn’t been any problems so far, but I figure it’s better to be safe than sorry.

We begin with the introduction of Sanae Mokuou.


She perceives everyone around her as idiots.

As you might expect, Sanae’s attitude prevents her from having friends. However, she did go on to become the magical girl Ruler. We also learn what Ruler’s ability is in this flashback.


By pointing her sceptre at someone, she can make them do her bidding.

Going back to the present day, Snow White and La Pucelle discuss the new magical girl who will be arriving shortly when the get a couple of visitors.


The Peaky Angels

They attack La Pucelle and then flee, causing her to give chase. La Pucelle tells Snow White to stay put, meaning she’s completely alone. Whilst La Pucelle has a brief skirmish with the Peaky Angels, Snow White is approached by two magical girls.


Swim Swim and Ruler.

Ruler uses her ability to have Snow White stand still, allowing Swim Swim to take her Magical Phone and transfer Candies to her own one. By the time La Pucelle realises what’s going, it’s too late and it seems that the next magical girl to drop out will be Snow White. Ruler calls for a retreat upon La Pucelle’s return.
Snow White resigns herself to her fate, but upon finding her Magical Phone, she has a surprise in store for her when she checks the Candies.


Snow White and La Pucelle are confused when they check the former’s Magical Phone.

Ruler and her subordinates return to their base of operations, and plan to share out the Magical Candies.


Ruler gets half, Swim Swim gets a quarter and the other three girls share the rest.

After sharing out the Candies, it’s time to check the rankings. The magical girl who drops out this time around is…


Snow White– err, I mean Ruler.

Shortly after becoming a magical girl, Ruler had a visit from Calamity Mary.


Calamity Mary visited Ruler in order to put her in her place.

After that encounter, Ruler started to gather subjects simply to use as meat shields.


Things didn’t really turn out how Ruler expected, though.


The Peaky Angels are pleased to see Ruler go.

So, what caused events to transpire this way? Well, it happened shortly after Swim Swim stole Snow White’s Candies.


Swim Swim only stole half of Snow White’s Candies – 25,000.

She then had Tama get Fav to divide those 25,000 Candies equally between all of the Magical Girls except Ruler, Snow White and La Pucelle. The Peaky Angels were in on this plan, which was what caused Ruler to drop to last place. The Peaky Angels declare Swim Swim to be their new leader afterwards.


To Swim Swim, Ruler was exactly like the princesses she idolised.

Swim Swim swore to be loyal to Ruler, simply because she perceived her as a princess. However, Swim Swim then had a chance encounter in a dream.


The last dream that Nemurin ever visited was that of one Ayana Sakanagi – AKA Swim Swim.

Nemurin’s final words made quite an impact on Swim Swim, and caused her to turn against Ruler in order to become a princess herself. In the present, Swim Swim says a few final words to the corpse of Sanae.


Swim Swim sheds a single tear.

Flying through the night elsewhere, Top Speed and Ripple discuss the results and the sudden transferral of almost 2,000 Candies to each magical girl.


Ripple seems to be rather knowledgeable.

Though she pretty much guessed what happened, Ripple doesn’t have an answer as to why it did. After that, Top Speed takes Ripple to a meeting with Sister Nana and Weiss Winterprison. Top Speed believes Sister Nana is trustworthy… probably.


As to what they discuss… we’re going to have to wait to find out.

Elswhere, Snow White has had enough of being a magical girl. Risking lives to steal from each other – well, Snow White only has one thing to say about that:


Welcome to the era of Madoka

La Pucelle agrees with Snow White’s sentiment, and tells her to continue living as a true magical whilst she protects her.


The episode ends with this lass seeking out a white magical girl…

Man, who would’ve thought that Nemurin’s words would cause things to turn out the way they did? I was already pretty fond of Swim Swim to begin with, but this episode made me appreciate her more. It was nice seeing Nemurin again, even if it was only for a short while, too.
I’m not sad to see Ruler go, though it appears that her death was quite violent. With Ruler gone, I’m very much looking forward to seeing the path Swim Swim takes to fulfil her ambition of becoming a princess. Of course, that’s if she can survive for long enough…
I also like how Ripple is able to deduce what happened – we haven’t really seen too much from her thus far, but it seems like she possesses a fair amount of intelligence.
Of course, we can’t forget about the new addition to the death game, either. She’s seeking out Snow White, but at the moment we have no clue as to what her purpose is.

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2 Responses to Magical Girl Raising Project Episode 4: Every Girl is Capable of Being a Princess

  1. cirno9fan says:

    My thinking is that girl was the one at the beginning of the show. Maybe anyway. A previous “winner” of the game.

  2. Karandi says:

    Glad they got rid of Ruler. She wasn’t a big part of the first couple of episodes but what we saw of her was annoying. Thanks for sharing.

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