Thoughts on Soul Eater Volume 21

In this volume of Soul Eater, the DWMA targets Crona after all the trouble caused previously. Some people are less than keen to carry out that particular mission, however.
This volume opens with chapter eighty-eight and closes with number ninety-two, giving us a total of five chapters.

Soul Eater Volume 21

You know, I might just start these things with the blurb and not saying anything about it – though that will have to wait, as I have mentioned it on this occasion.

Crona’s crimes have become too terrible to ignore, and the troubled youth is added to Shinigami’s list. Hoping to reach her friend first, Maka extends her soul perception ability to engulf the entire planet. But the sweep delivers even more than she had bargained for – the location of the Kishin’s hideout!

Chapter 88 is called ‘Hunt’, and it starts with Maka, Soul, Black☆Star and Tsubaki in Sea Shepherd Village. They are there in order to help the villages hunt a sky whale.
We also see Kid, still on Lost Island, gathering information.
This chapter ends with the news that Crona has been put on Shinigami’s list, and Spartoi are the ones tasked with the execution.

The title of chapter 89 is ‘Look Up and You’ll See Him’, and it opens with Spartoi discussing Crona.
This is the chapter in which the Kishin’s location is confirmed. Naturally, the DWMA assembles a team in order to go after the Kishin, and we also see that somebody else seeks that power as well.

Chapter 90 is simply called ‘Moon’. Spartoi continues to search for Crona, whilst a couple of new Death Weapons appear to join the team that will be attacking the Kishin.
Spirit and Maka spend some father-daughter time together, before Maka sets off to the place where it all began when it comes to Crona.
This chapter also introduces Akane☆Hoshi and Clay Sizemore – a Meister and Weapon team that those who have read Soul Eater NOT! will be familiar with. And yes, that ‘☆’ in his name does link him to Black☆Star. They are part of the team that will be travelling to the Kishin’s location – which is the Moon, as I’m sure you’ve guessed from the chapter title.

The title of chapter 91 is ‘War on the Moon (Part 1)’. The DWMA approaches the moon, but naturally the enemy is ready for them. Their enemies are Clowns – Moonlight, Kaguya and White Rabbit.
As you might expect from a chapter bearing this title, we get a lot of action here. Most worth noting is that Kid is part of the team – the Airborne Division.
This chapter ends with White Rabbit the Clown appearing behind Akane and Clay.

The action continues in chapter 92, ‘War on the Moon (Part 2)’. The different battles continue to play out, and there are casualties on both sides. We get to see one of the newly introduced Death Weapon’s abilities, and it’s rather neat.

Some pretty interesting stuff going on in this volume, with the most noteworthy being the ‘War on the Moon’. Of course, there’s also Spartoi’s reaction towards the order concerning Crona.
Though we’ve only had two chapters focusing on the war on the moon, there has been some great action going on thus far. Considering this is Soul Eater, there is no doubt that the action will continue and be pretty spectacular – especially as the madness flows incredibly strongly and certain characters are greatly affected by it.

The war on the moon continues in the next volume, whilst Spartoi focus on Crona.

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