Thoughts on Laid-Back Camp Volume 12

The OEC go camping at the Mount Mizugaki campsite in the twelfth volume of Afro’s Laid-Back Camp. Or, rather, they did, and this volume has them sharing their experience with Nadeshiko.
This volume contains chapters sixty-four to sixty-nine.Laid-Back Camp Volume 12Nadeshiko and Rin just had one amazing camping journey along the Ooi River, but the rest of the Outdoor Exploration Club weren’t idly twiddling their thumbs! Eager to have a trip of their own, Chiaki, Inuko, and Ena set their sights on northern Yamanashi. But the best-laid (-back) plans often go awry – can they make it to their desired destinations? Whatever the situation, they’re going to enjoy the sights, sounds, and tastes along the way!

So it is the OEC taking the spotlight in this volume of Laid-Back Camp, and as such most of it is a flashback to their time camping at Mizugaki. They also detail how their journey to get there went.
They really take advantage of the whole flashback thing, though – starting with Nadeshiko popping out of nowhere, and then going on to bring along a couple more companions who did not originally join them on their little trip.
Things get pretty meta here, but it is done in a pretty fun manner. It is interesting to see past Chiaki, Inuko, and Ena reacting to present Nadeshiko.

The actual trip itself is pretty much as you would expect from Laid-Back Camp. Lots of interesting scenery, and plenty of mouth watering food. You know, at least for the parts that actually happened. Some of that flashback is entirely made up, but it is pretty obvious where that is the case. It doesn’t distract from what the OEC’s experience at all.

It’s not just past events this volume focuses on, though. Naturally, the girls all start considering their next camping trip. With it being cherry blossom viewing season… well, it should be pretty obvious what they’re planning for. Although it does seem that Rin does have a little something extra in mind.

Another fun volume of Laid-Back Camp. This series has been consistent in that regard. I’m really enjoying what it is giving us, and will probably keep doing so as it continues.

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