Thoughts on Namekawa-san Won’t Take a Licking! Volume 1

Namekawa-san Won’t Take a Licking! is a yuri comedy manga written and illustrated by Rie Ato. It focuses on Namekawa-san, a girl who has turned delinquent after putting up with years of bullying. The idea is to terrify her classmates, but there’s one girl in particular who has her eye on Namekawa: the head of the disciplinary committee.
Seven Seas Entertainment licensed the manga for English release. This first volume contains chapters one to five.Namekawa-san Won't Take a Licking! Volume 1Yuri Nemeses
After putting up years of bullying in junior high, Namekawa-san decides to make a pre-emptive strike when she starts high school. Her plan? Become a delinquent! At first, everything seems to be going great – her classmates are terrified. However, the head of the disciplinary committee is unfazed. She’s got her eye on Namekawa-san, and she refuses to look away in this explosive yuri comedy!

So when I first read the title, I thought the “licking” part would be a more figurative thing. Nope. Not at all. The head of the disciplinary committee wants to, and does, lick Namekawa on several occasions. Which I suppose brings to me to something that I should probably address.
There is a lot of non-consensual licking going on in this manga – and its always played for laughs. Now I can imagine that probably won’t sit right with everyone. In this first volume, it is pretty clear that Namekawa does not enjoy that act at all.

That being said, I did find myself laughing at this manga quite a bit. It was more at the lengths the head of the disciplinary committee would go to that made me laugh, but I do wish that Namekawa would get an out every now or then.
As it turns out, Namekawa draws the attention of two other girls in particular. One of them makes it obvious she wants to make Namekawa her pet. The other one, seems actually normal. At first… seems catching a whiff of Namekawa awakens something within her…

Things get pretty out there in this manga, so if you don’t mind some zaniness you might get some enjoyment from reading this one. You know, provided you don’t mind putting up with what I’ve already mentioned. For what it’s worth, there are plenty of genuinely funny moments – things like the teacher of Namekawa’s class awakening to yuri, for example.

As a comedy, this manga can be enjoyable. Hopefully it’ll improve on the yuri front, with Namekawa being more willing to reciprocate the feelings of the head of the disciplinary committee… and all the other girls who are falling for her.

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