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You know what? I want to talk about Rune Factory 5. Specifically, I want to share my thoughts on the bachelorettes of the game, and maybe take a look at some swimsuits, too. Before I dive in, I should let you know that I have been playing as the female main character – whom I shall be referring to as Alice from here on, as that is her default name – and pursuing the yuri relationships.Rune Factory 5First up, a brief introduction of Rune Factory 5. It goes without saying that it is the fifth game in the Rune Factory series. The Rune Factory games effectively take the farming simulation of the Story of Seasons (previously Harvest Moon up until 2013) games, and combines it with action RPG gameplay. One key aspect of both Story of Seasons and Rune Factory titles are the characters you interact with – with the option to date them, and eventually get married.
Rune Factory 5 is the first title in the Rune Factory series to feature same-sex marriage, and that is what I particularly want to focus on here – the bachelorettes, and how well I think they match up with Alice.

So here, I’ll be briefly introducing each bachelorette, and sharing my thoughts on them. In order to meet all of the bachelorettes, you have to play through the game’s story – however, since they are featured on the official website, I figure talking about them here is fair game.

First up, Priscilla.
PriscillaOut of all the bachelorettes, she feels the most plain to me. Your typical nice girl, with a sweet tooth. She dreams of having a princess (or prince for the male main character, I’m guessing) sweep her off her feet. Pretty typical girly stuff here. It goes without saying that Alice can be that very princess that Priscilla is hoping for – she does get some amusing dialogue with some “subtle” hinting once Alice has built up her relationship with her enough.

Second, we have Lucy.LucyIf you like your girls energetic, look no further than Lucy. She also have a very competitive side, which I found to be quite endearing. Her love of fish also makes it pretty easy to start building up her relationship level from the get go. And whilst I do think that a competitive relationship between Alice and Lucy makes for an interesting dynamic, it does feel a lot like she has a thing for Priscilla. Lucy has a fondness for Priscilla that is not present when she talks about any other characters – I almost prefer the idea of Priscilla and Lucy hooking up. There are still plenty of other options for Alice, after all.

Next up is Scarlett.ScarlettJust like Alice, Scarlett is a SEED Ranger. One who has been doing the job for a lot longer than Alice has, and is not pleased about a newbie being welcomed into the ranks. Scarlett has a fairly decent role to play in the main story, so I can see her growing closer to Alice through that. Whilst she may oppose Alice becoming a SEED Ranger at first, she gradually warms up to her – particularly if you bring her plenty of rice dishes. I quite liked Scarlett’s defrosting ice queen routine, since her initial doubts are not without merit.

Next is my favourite bachelorette: Fuuka.FuukaI knew from the moment I saw her introductory cutscene that she was the one I wanted Alice to settle down with. Fuuka is a were-animal who drifted from place to place until she arrived in Rigbarth. Something that I find endearing about her is that she has only started to learn human speech. Fortunately, Alice is able to understand Fuuka pretty quickly. Another lover of fish, but also shiny things.
Fuuka has some pretty interesting backstory going on as well. Well worth building up relationship points with here to discover what exactly that is.

Almost at the end, second to last we have Beatrice.BeatriceBeatrice is a noblewoman, who has had a very sheltered upbringing. She also keeps her nobility a secret from most of the town, save for a select few people – Alice included, of course. Her behaviour can come off as eccentric, but she is seeing a lot of the outside world for the very first time.
I like Beatrice a lot. Her naivete leads to some pretty fun situations, and her choice of weapon is definitely at odds with what you might expect.

Last, but not least, we come to Ludmila.LudmilaLudmila is an incredibly fun character, and definitely would’ve been my top pick for Alice to marry if Fuuka hadn’t won my heart immediately. For Ludmila, her meeting with Alice is pretty much love at first sight – and she has zero qualms in letting Alice know that. She also happens to be a masochist.
Due to her nature, Ludmila tends to keep her distance from other people. Alice, however, is more than willing to take that all on. I can see why Ludmila is so enamoured with Alice.

That covers all the bachelorettes in Rune Factory 5. Got a pretty nice spread of types, both personality and looks-wise here. They’re all pretty great characters in their own ways, but some of them do stand out for me more than others.
Interestingly, Rune Factory 5 doesn’t prevent Alice from having multiple girlfriends. Sure, the chance of successfully confessing becomes lower, but it’s just a case of not giving up. Alice can only have one wife, though.

The bachelorettes are all great, and you can play dress up with them, to an extent. The thing that I want to particularly focus on here are their swimsuits. All included within the game, no need for DLC to access. You do need to upgrade a certain facility, though – just make sure to collect plenty of lumber and material stone.
You can change the clothes of your main character, or characters in Alice’s party. It’s not just the bachelorettes who can wear swimsuits – there’s also one other female character. One that’s a little too young to be a bachelorette, but I figured I’d include her here, anyways.

Hina swimsuitThis is Hina, one of the very first characters who appears in the story of Rune Factory 5. I don’t know why she gets a swimsuit, whilst other characters like Misasagi, Elsja and Simone don’t. Pretty sure some people would love to see those mothers in beachwear. Oh well, it is what it is.
Hina’s swimsuit is cute, though.

Priscilla SwimsuitAt first glance, I probably wouldn’t even recognise Priscilla’s swimsuit as  a swimsuit. That’s probably because my knowledge of women’s beach fashion is pretty much zero, but whatever.
I do like that she has her hair down, which makes a nice change from her usual braid. Other than that, I don’t really have much else to offer on this swimsuit.

Lucy SwimsuitLucy’s swimsuit is one that I can definitely recognise as a swimsuit. We’ll be seeing a lot more exposed bellies from this point forward.
I like the colours of this one, and those ribbons are pretty cute.
Not much else to add here. Lucy has a nice swimsuit.

Scarlett SwimsuitNow Scarlett’s swimsuit is a good one. Once again, I do like the colours. This is also one of the more revealing swimsuits; let’s just say that those bottoms don’t offer complete coverage round the back.
Both Lucy and Scarlett are pretty active characters, so maybe, they could’ve been slightly more toned… Although what we do have on display here is certainly pleasant to look at.

Fuuka SwimsuitFuuka’s swimsuit is definitely among my favourite. It it both cute, and a little sexy. I also like that we get a better look at her body art when she is in her swimsuit.
I like the darker colours Fuuka has for her swimsuit compared to the others. It’s a good match for her.

Beatrice SwimsuitBeatrice’s swimsuit is an interesting one. I think it would look fine if it was just the white bikini by itself, but she has that extra translucent layer over it. Makes it a little more tantalising, I think.

Ludmila SwimsuitNow, we have Ludmila. Now, she was a bit more to work with than most of the other bachelorettes. It’s probably safe to say she is well aware of it, too, and is more than happy to flaunt it.
Her swimsuit is definitely one of the better ones.

Alice SwimsuitFinally we have Alice herself. Pretty nice one piece thing going on here. I am fond of the colour red, so that definitely earns it some bonus points from me. Another one with a ribbon that I quite like, too.

That’s it. I’ve been enjoying Rune Factory 5 a lot, and wanted to share some of my love of it, hence this post. All the bachelorettes are great, and it’s always nice when alternative costumes come as part of the base game. Plenty of content in this game to keep you occupied, too.

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