Game of the Month: May 2022

Arr, we be sailin’ the seven seas this month! And that’s enough of the pirate-talk shtick, let’s just focus on a video game.
I don’t have any honourable mentions this month, so this post will simply feature my game of the month. It is a pirate-themed RPG, with a rather unique mechanic for levelling up.application_icon_format_20170208Originally a PlayStation Vita title, Seven Pirates H was released worldwide for the Nintendo Switch on 12/5/22. It focuses on a pirate girl named Parute Kairi, who is on a journey to find treasure – as any good pirate should be.
On her voyage, she recruits a crew of monster girls and explores various islands. A sinister plot steadily unfolds as her journey goes on.

Seven Pirates H is an RPG, with a turn based battles, and a rock, paper, scissors weakness system. Parute and her allies have their basic attack and special skills to use in battle. This all sounds pretty standard stuff. Then you get to the level up system.
After each battle, Parute and her allies receive gold, and “H extract”. Collect enough H extract, and booby training extract is created.
Which brings us on to Seven Pirate H‘s most unique feature: Booby Training.

Instead of levelling up in the usual way with experience, you use the booby training extract to alter characters’ stats, and breast parameters. They will also learn new skills through this.
There are six parameters: size, height, perkiness, cleavage, softness, and firmness. Those parameters determine your character’s stats, and in some cases bigger isn’t always better. Bigger sizes offer an ATK bonus, whilst smaller gives the character an AGI bonus.
In case it hasn’t become clear at this point, Seven Pirates H has a lot of fanservice.

Naturally this type of game won’t be to everyone’s taste, but I can say that I have been enjoying it so far. It’s a silly concept for sure, but I do find myself drawn in by most of the characters and their interactions with each other. When it comes down to it, this game is a bit of ecchi fun.

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