Thoughts on Harukana Receive Volume 9

The second day of the Valkyrie Cup arrives in the ninth volume of Nyoijizai’s Harukana Receive, and team Harukana have tough opponents to overcome in their semifinal match.
This volume contains chapters fifty through to fifty-five.

Harukana Receive Volume 9

Front cover of the ninth volume of Harukana Receive, featuring Satoko Tanaka

As the championships continue, Haruka and Kanata find themselves facing off against Natsuki and her partner Satoko in the semifinals. Natsuki’s play style is greatly influenced by her sister Mika, a former pro player, and her goal is to go pro herself. Team Harukana gradually manages to adapt, but when Satoko steps up for her partner, how will the match play out?

The main focus of this volume of Harukana Receive is the Valkyrie Cup semifinal match, in which Haruka and Kanata take on Natsuki and Satoko. Before the action kicks off proper, though, there’s a brief conversation between sisters – between Claire and Natsuki. Claire discusses how older sisters see their younger sisters – pretty interesting stuff, especially considering Natsuki’s situation.

Then we get into the match itself, and it’s one heck of a match. Definitely fitting for the late stage of the tournament, as all the stronger teams start coming up against each other. What I particularly enjoy about these matches is that we get some insight into the dynamic between the team members. Obviously we’re familiar with Haruka and Kanata at this point, so it’s nice to learn more about their opponents.
It’s pretty interesting to see how Natsuki and Satoko formed their team, particularly with one of them being not so confident in her skills – and that dynamic carries through to their teamwork in the match.

We’re also steadily seeing Haruka’s latent volleyball abilities emerge. Seems her training from earlier on is paying off. What I particularly like here is that even though Haruka’s progress is plain to see, she still has to fight hard alongside Kanata in the semifinal match. Lots of thrills to be found in this particular match, which has been something that has been pretty consistent throughout Harukana Receive.

So yeah, a proper excellent volume of Harukana Receive. We get some interesting stuff about how older sisters view their younger sisters, and then possibly one of the best beach volleyball matches so far. It’s so satisfying seeing the growth of Team Harukana.

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