Tropical-Rouge! PreCure Episode 34: What’s Most Important is Now

The girls are considering their future dreams in the thirty-fourth episode of Tropical-Rouge! PreCure, although that seems to be a little harder to do for someone who lives in the here and now.


Elde fights with Butler and decides to run away from home

In this episode, Elde makes it pretty clear that she doesn’t want to grow up, despite what Butler says. In contrast to Elde wanting to stay a kid, Manatsu and the others are asked what they want to be in the future. That answer doesn’t come easily for Manatsu.


Manatsu has no idea what she wants to be in the future

It’s interesting to see that there’s a bit of similarity between Manatsu and Elde here, although they both have very different attitudes towards growing up. All of the Tropical Club share their future aspirations as Manatsu struggles with hers, and it seems that Laura has shared Asuka’s tennis club story from before.

Manatsu and Laura

Manatsu and Laura discuss their future aspirations

The scenes where Manatsu and Laura discuss various topics together in the bedroom are always cute, and there’s no exception this time around. Of course Laura is still as ambitious as ever. Manatsu, maybe not so much, but she does make progress towards working out what she wants to do.

Monster of the Week

Elde’s Super Zettai Yarane-da

Going back to Elde, she simply just wants to enjoy her youth. Something that I quite like about the antagonists of this season of Pretty Cure is that there is a bond between them that is just more than them being on the same team. It’s pretty evident that both Chongi-re and Numeri care for Elde. Butler seems to be an exception to that rule, though.
Anyways, the clash against the Super Zettai Yarane-da also sees Cure Summer and Elde’s thoughts about growing up clash, too.

We eventually get to hear what Manatsu wants to be when she grows up, and it is a very Manatsu answer. Sango and Laura also have answers that match their personalities.

I enjoyed this episode. Nice to see a bit more from Elde, and the whole talk of future aspirations shows that you may not necessarily have to settle on something right away.

Next time, it’s the Halloween episode.

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1 Response to Tropical-Rouge! PreCure Episode 34: What’s Most Important is Now

  1. cirno9fan says:

    Yeah, the villain bond is really heartwarming~
    Butler is definitely up to something, and is 100% on his own agenda

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