Thoughts on Adachi and Shimamura Volume 1

Adachi and Shimamura is a yuri light novel series written by Hitoma Iruma and illustrated by Non. It began serialisation in October 2012 in Dengeki Bunko Magazine. Seven Seas Entertainment licensed the light novels for English release.
The story focuses on two girls who happen to meet when both skip class, and progressively find themselves spending more time with each other.Adachi and Shimamura Volume 1What A Girl Wants
Adachi is skipping class when she first meets fellow truant Shimamura in the gym loft, and just like that, a friendship is born. Except now Adachi’s having dreams about kissing her, and she doesn’t know what that means, but she’s pretty sure it’s not something you do with a friend. What are these strange feelings she has when she thinks of Shimamura? And is it possible Shimamura feels the same way?

The story of Adachi and Shimamura doesn’t start with the first meeting between the eponymous characters; that is saved for one of the latter chapters. Instead, it goes straight into how the two girls spend their time in the gym’s loft, which serves as the reader’s introduction to the characters.
Much of the focus from there is on the interactions between Adachi and Shimamura, mostly told from Shimamura’s point of view. A couple of chapters do switch to Adachi’s perspective, which gives an insight into her slowly growing feelings for Shimamura.

That’s the key word here: slow. Adachi and Shimamura isn’t going to provide readers with any instant gratification. Instead, it takes a more slow and steady approach, effectively giving us a slice of life experience of the two main characters.
In that aspect, it is a pretty down to Earth story, even if the other girls that Shimamura are friends with do seem to be a bit on the eccentric side.

Then the character of Chikama Yashiro is introduced, and things suddenly don’t seem to be that grounded in reality any more. Yashiro is such a strange character, though that does make her fascinating. Shimamura is well aware of Yashiro’s eccentricities, as she does mention how bizarre said character is whenever she shows up in the parts told from her perspective.
As odd as Yashiro is, it is perhaps their presence that leads to Adachi really thinking about why she wants to spend so much time with Shimamura. Suddenly having a third party to compete with leads to some revelations for Adachi. Not that she can bring herself to act on her feelings, but at least the pieces seem to be falling into place.

Adachi and Shimamura may have a slow pace, but its characters are interesting enough that it doesn’t matter. As intriguing as Yashiro is, it is the awkward interactions between Adachi and Shimamura that stand out as a highlight. It is pretty evident that the two girls have a connection, yet they’re too timid to act on their feelings. There is something adorable about two class-skipping delinquents being awkward with each other.

As with any other light novel, there are a few illustrations to be found throughout, courtesy of Non. The volume begins with five colour illustrations, each one focusing on a specific event from each chapter. Besides that, there are also a few black and white illustrations throughout, and Non’s work is good.

I had a good time reading Adachi and Shimamura‘s first volume, and I am keen to see where their relationship goes from here. I also want to learn more about Yashiro, as that character was one aspect that came completely out of the blue for me.
Adachi and Shimamura is a yuri light novel that I recommend, with the caveat that its slow pace won’t be for everyone.

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