Thoughts on Magical Girl Site Volume 11

The past few volumes of Kentaro Sato’s Magical Girl Site have been following the story of the magical girls Kayo and Sakaki, shedding light on a few things. That particular plot comes to an end in this volume, bringing us back to the present where the fight to dismantle the Magical Girl Site’s system continues.
This volume contains chapters seventy-six through to eighty-six.

Magical Girl Site 11

Front cover of the eleventh volume of Magical Girl Site, featuring the Magical Girl Site managers

Arareya Touko is dead, killed while playing the role of “A” to get more information. Now, Magical Girl SITE manager Nana and Detective Misumi Kiichiro are hot on the trail of Kayo and Sakaki-san. What cruel fate are they planning for the two Magical Girls?

It feels like it has been a long while, but finally we reach the conclusion of Kayo and Sakaki’s story with this volume of Magical Girl Site. I’ve mentioned before how I wasn’t too into it, but ultimately it provides quite the satisfying pay off. Perhaps it didn’t need to expand over multiple volumes.
Regardless, it provides some more pieces to the puzzle that is the Magical Girl Site, and just what the Tempest is, too.

Whilst the story may return to the present day, it doesn’t suddenly jump straight to it. Instead, we see how Rina originally acquired the Magical Girl Kill List, as well as citizens reacting to a serious of bizarre events. Things like girls disappearing and/or dying, buildings collapsing, that kind of thing.

That leads up to a return to the present, where the fight against the managers of the Magical Girl Site continues. The managers have a new (yet also familiar) face in their ranks, but fortunately the Magical Girls also find themselves with a couple of new allies.

As the story continues in this volume, various alliances are formed. Of course we have the Magical Girl rebels fighting the Site administrators, but it seems that there is another rogue element for the administrators to concern themselves with.

Aya Asagiri is one of the rebellious Magical Girls, but previous events have changed her quite a bit. For a start, she’s mute. Her wand has also undergone a change, making her an extremely valuable asset.

Things have really picked up with the 11th volume of Magical Girl Site, and that is partly due to the return to the present day. Kayo and Sakaki’s story does tie into the present day fight against the Site administrators, and the pay-off is satisfying.
There’s plenty of intrigue as alliances are formed. One does wonder if it will become a case of an enemy of an enemy being a friend. Considering this is Magical Girl Site, it probably won’t be that straightforward.
Regardless of what happens, it feels great to return to Aya and her allies.

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