Thoughts on Kiniro Mosaic Volume 9

Time to take another peek into the daily lives of Alice, Shinobu, Karen and friends, as they continue their third year of high school. Summer break also looms, but specific individuals from that group will have to earn their fun first.Kiniro Mosaic Volume 9It’s another year and another summer vacation for the girls, and Karen’s got everything planned out. A trip to the Kujou family cottage awaits, but Aya threatens to cancel their plans if anyone does poorly on the upcoming exam! Feeling the pressure, Karen hits the books… unlike Youko, whose misguided self-confidence just might end the whole trip before it even begins!

As I have come to expect from Kiniro Mosaic, there is a lot of fun stuff going on in this volume. It kicks off with Isami and her lack of skill when it comes to cooking – Shino thrives where her sister doesn’t.
Following that, there are prophetic dreams, Tanabata and the girls of the Oomiya household taking turns at playing Mum. There is some studying thrown in there as well, but maybe not quite enough for certain girls.

The summer break provides Alice and company a chance to get away from all that – sort of. Everyone takes part – Alice, Shino, Karen, Aya, Youko, Honoka and Kana, as well as both teachers.
Kana is still a great addition to the cast, and naturally, all the other characters are a lot of fun as well.

Aya’s still gets worked up when it comes to Youko, Alice and Shino share a bond as strong as ever and Honoka is very much in love with Karen. Honoka may not explicitly say that, but the things she wishes she could have done with Karen during their summer break provides plenty of evidence for it.

This volume is capped off with a section that focuses on Youko, and her doubts about whether she is the model big sister she wanted to become after Mitsuki and Kouta were born. It’s quite sweet.

After nine volumes, Kiniro Mosaic is still a delight to read. It sits up there as my favourite slice of life manga, and I seriously doubt it will ever be toppled from that spot. Having English characters is a massive part of the appeal for me, but so too is the good humour and the chemistry between all the girls.
Excellent stuff, as ever.

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