Aikatsu Friends! Shining Jewel Episode 15: The Pros Among Pros

Now here’s an episode of Aikatsu Friends! Shining Jewel that I have quite been looking forward to. Hibiki and Alicia are the focus of this episode, and they need to have a talk.

Pure Palette and Hibiki

Hibiki reveals she hasn’t spoken to Alicia about I Believe

A summary: ever since returning from Solvette, Hibiki and Alicia’s busy schedules mean that they have had no time to talk about bringing I Believe back. Aine and Mio have just the solution for that: have the two go on a date.

Alicia, Hibiki & Aine

Hibiki missing out on the perfect opportunity to talk to Alicia

This is an excellent episode of Aikatsu Friends! Shining Jewel, and that is because of both Hibiki and Alicia. Hibiki in particular; she reveals that she actually gets nervous when she is alone with Alicia, making things awkward between the pair.
Aine, Mio and Karen deserve some respect, too.

Karen & Alicia

Karen convinces Alicia to go on the date with Hibiki

We should be grateful that Aine, Mio and Karen are there to help out Hibiki and Alicia, because I suspect that they would have never gotten anywhere without a push.

Alicia & Hibiki

Alicia and Hibiki’s date

When Hibiki and Alicia’s date starts, it is so awkward. Kind of in the best way, though. Alicia also has a confession to make, which results in Hibiki panicking about I Believe’s future. Fortunately, it is nothing so dramatic.Honey CatReflect MoonLove Me TearWe also get brief appearances from Honey Cat, Reflect Moon and Love Me Tear, as Hibiki and Alicia decide to observe them in an effort to work out what kind of Friends they are. Also worth mentioning that Pure Palette are known as the most intimate of Friends of all.

Alicia scolds Hibiki

Guess we now know who wears the trousers in this relationship

The second half of this episode provides us with a much better idea of the type of Friends that Hibiki and Alicia are, and we also discover that Alicia wears the trousers.

Alicia and Hibiki

Alicia and Hibiki

So in this episode, Alicia learned that value of spending time with her Friend. She doesn’t need to Aikatsu 24/7 to make up for the five year gap she had; in fact, spending time with Hibiki is probably the quickest way she’ll get to the level she wants to be at.

I was expecting this episode to be a good one, and it certainly delivered. The relationship between Hibiki and Alicia grows deeper, and we move one step closer to I Believe making their return.
I’m really quite looking forward to hearing I Believe performing, but that will have to wait a little while longer.

This episode was very much Hibiki and Alicia’s, but it’s nice to see the other Friends – even if they don’t get any dialogue. Also, Aine and Mio being the most ‘intimate’ of Friends certainly has some interesting implications.

It could very easily be argued that Hibiki and Alicia being introduced into Aikatsu Friends! is the best thing that has happened for it. Especially when we get episodes just like this one.

Next time, we are getting a Wakaba episode.

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