Hugtto! PreCure Episode 45: Mecha Reindeer

We’ve had Aikatsu Friends! Christmas episode, so now it is Hugtto! PreCure‘s turn. There is some stuff with Santa Claus, but more importantly, Ruru gets to be the star of this episode.

Christmas How-to

Ruru and Harry brush up on their Christmas knowledge

Previously, Hugtan decided everyone should celebrate Christmas together, so she only went and summoned Santa Claus. Turns out old Saint Nick is feeling under the weather, so Christmas will have to be cancelled. Fortunately, there are a few girls who are willing to step in to ensure that Christmas still goes ahead – and Doctor Traum shows up to lend his support as well.

Traum & Mecha Reindeer

Traum with his Mecha Reindeer

Presumably Santa’s sleigh and reindeer are back in the North Pole, but Traum has just the thing for that: a Mecha Reindeer and four seater sleigh. Saaya’s reaction to the Mecha Reindeer is pretty amusing.

Working Switch On

The girls get ready to prepare presents

Whilst Traum asks Santa to take him on as a Santa-in-training, Hana and the others get to work preparing presents.

Ruru & Traum

Traum asks Ruru if there is anything she wants for Christmas

As Emiru and Ruru work on some presents together, Traum continues to be a doting father and asks Ruru if there is anything she wants for Christmas. Ruru isn’t having any of it though; she says that there isn’t anything, and even if there was she wouldn’t tell Traum.
Traum simply wants to realise his dream of seeing Ruru smile – and that seems to be something Emiru intends to help with, as she asks Ruru if she would like to follow her heart.

Saaya & Reira

Saaya hugs Reira

We get a nice scene between Saaya and her mother next, with Reira giving her daughter a Christmas present. What’s particularly good about this scene is that we see that Reira has now completely accepted the idea that Saaya wants to be a doctor.

Emiru, Hana & Hugtan

Emiru, Hana and Hugtan deliver presents

With all the presents ready, and an extra addition to the Mecha Reindeer courtesy of Saaya, it is time for Christmas presents to be delivered. Santa, Doctor Traum, Hana, Emiru and Hugtan board the sleigh, and take off.


Ruru is radiant

Whilst presents are being delivered, Ruru is trying her hand at making curry. It doesn’t go too well at first. However, once Hana’s family tell her to make it her own, Ruru has an idea for what she could do.


It is Gelos’ turn to be the monster of the week

Jumping ahead a bit, it is time for a Christmas party. There is an uninvited guest, however. Gelos shows up, and attempts to stop Ruru’s time – Traum leaps to her defence. Naturally, PreCure do their thing.

Takumi & Jinjin

Takumi & Jinjin put a stop to Gelos’ rampage

PreCure fight against Gelos, who wants time to stop as she does not want to face getting old. She is a formidable foe, and a few civilians end up getting caught up in the fight and having their time frozen.
It is not PreCure who stops Gelos, though – it is Takumi & Jinjin, her former subordinates. They tell Gelos that they actually care about her, which is enough to stop her. PreCure administer the finishing blow as usual.
Gelos returns to normal, and is a lot happier. With the fighting over, Santa Claus returns home.

Henri & Masato

Henri & Masato join the Christmas party

The Christmas party can finally begin proper, and a few familiar faces show up. Henri is out of the hospital now, albeit with a cast on his foot and a crutch. Naturally, he is accompanied by Masato.


Ruru hugs her father

Ruru offers Traum the curry she made, and also wishes him a merry Christmas. She calls him father as well, which naturally makes Traum very happy. Unfortunately for him, it is a one-time only deal, so Ruru won’t be repeating herself.

Much like Aikatsu Friends!, this was an excellent Christmas episode. Then again, I believe any episode that focuses on Ruru is an excellent episode, so I guess that shouldn’t really come as a surprise.
Ruru calling Traum father was heart-warming. Emiru was the one who encouraged her to do so, and it was really nice.
Another parent-child interaction that was heartwarming came from Saaya and Reira. Too bad we didn’t really see much from the families of the other girls.

When Hana and Emiru were delivering presents, the idea of that one little girl waking up and telling her parents that she met Santa – who was actually two girls and a baby – quite amuses me.

A fun festive episode, and probably the calm before the storm of the final act if the preview for the next episode is anything to go by. The arrival of 2019 means we will have to wait a couple of weeks for the next episode of Hugtto! PreCure, though.

Finally, I’ll leave you with this:

Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

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