Rory’s Reviews: Chio’s School Road

Chio's School RoadChio’s School Road is a twelve episode anime adaptation of the comedy manga written and illustrated by Tadataka Kawasaki. The director of the anime was Takayuki Inagaki, who is also credited as writer. The studio that produced it was Diomedéa.
Chio’s School Road aired during the summer 2018 season of anime, and is available to watch on Crunchyroll.
Chio’s School Road is a comedy anime. The thing about comedy is that it is entirely subjective, and there are many different types. Still, Chio’s School Road has its own particular brand of comedy and that is what this review shall be focusing on.Chio's School RoadThe premise behind Chio’s School Road is simple: it is about a schoolgirl going to school. Well, that’s it’s most basic form – it might be more accurate say that it is about a schoolgirl who gets caught up in all kinds of situations – some are her own fault, whilst others just happen to… well, happen.
This show contains plenty of referential humour – as a character, Chio loves western video games so there are few nods to those here and there. Her love of video games also leads to her trying to recreate the things she has seen from them.
The referential humour is just one part of the comedy on offer from Chio’s School Road. Chio wants to live a below average life, keeping off of everyone’s radar. As you might expect, she does a lot of stuff that would draw attention.

It is also worth noting that some of the humour absolutely crosses the line – this is particularly noticeable with the character of Madoka Kushitori and her passions. This is probably where the comedy of Chio’s School Road is most subjective. Those who enjoy their outrageous humour will have plenty to laugh about here. On the other hand, if you are looking for a nice, safe comedy, Chio’s School Road is most certainly not it.

Whether you enjoy the humour or not, Chio’s School Road is unpredictable. This really helps in having gags hit their mark, and thus enhance the humour. That is, if you enjoy that type of humour in the first place.CSRThere are a fair few characters in Chio’s School Road, but the best has to be Chio herself, and her best friend Manana. The interactions between those two are brilliant – one moment they are the greatest of friends, and the next they are throwing each other under the bus.
Arguably the relationship between Chio and Manana is the best part of the show, and there’s hints throughout there might be something of a romantic thing between the two girls. Whether you interpret it that way or not, the two have great chemistry with each other.

Whilst there are plenty of jokes in Chio’s School Road, not every one of them lands successfully. Fortunately, though, the majority of them make for some good laughs, but you won’t be getting a perfect record.
Just grin and bear it (or even just skip) through those particular parts, and you’ll soon come to some decent comedy again. Well, that depends on whether you enjoy Chio’s School Road‘s brand of comedy.

The soundtrack does its job, though nothing particularly stands out about it. Both the opening and ending themes are good, making them more memorable.

Score: 8/10
An unpredictable comedy about a girl going to school. It may cross the line sometimes, but it is still a funny comedy.

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1 Response to Rory’s Reviews: Chio’s School Road

  1. OG-Man says:

    Lucky for me I enjoy this kind of comedy, especially its unpredictability and craziness. Chio’s a great lead and her seiyu amplified her greatness by 100. Manana too is great and the two more than likely will marry in the future.

    Kushitori will either be seen as an inspiration to lesbians or too crude to handle.

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