Katana Maidens ~ Toji No Miko Episode 13: Only One in a Distant Place

As we start the spring season of anime, Katana Maidens ~ Toji No Miko moves into its second cour. Four months have passed since the events of the previous episode. This episode shows us what Kanami and the others are up to now – as well as some trouble that is brewing.

Kanami and Sayaka

Kanami and Sayaka continue carrying out missions as Toji

As the episode begins, we are informed that aradama have been appearing more frequently in the Kanto region after the defeat of Princess Tagitsu. This means Toji have to confront them, and Kanami and Sayaka happen to arrive as reinforcements for one particular group.
There is a new character introduced here, but I’ll get to her a little later.


Sayaka has a really light meal

After all that, Kanami and Sayaka go back and grab some food. Kanami has a big helping of rice, whereas Sayaka has barely any food at all. Kanami tells her she should eat more, but Sayaka says she would rather eat Mai’s treats. It is clear that Sayaka is missing Mai quite a bit.

Mai's duties

Mai has been carrying out various duties

Mai has been away for a little while, though she will be returning soon enough.

Hiyori's choice

Hiyori considers quitting as a Toji

With the defeat of Princess Tagitsu, Hiyori’s fight has come to an end. As such, she is contemplating giving up the role of Toji. She gets an unexpected visit from President Gojou, and the pair discuss what Hiyori wants to do.


Kaoru is working hard

It seems that Kaoru is having quite a tough time of it. She decides to let off some steam by streaming off a steam of insults towards Director Maniwa. Director Maniwa hears all that, unfortunately for Kaoru.

Richard and Ellen.jpg

For those curious about Ellen, she is off meeting her grandfather

Ayumu and friend

That new character I mentioned earlier? It is Ayumu, on the right here

Going back to Kanami and Sayaka, they get some cakes from Director Maniwa. Ayumu and one her friends also happen to bump into them, so they share the cakes, leaving one aside for Kaoru.
Kanami also decided she wanted to spar with Sayaka, and they invite the other girls along to watch. Ayumu is very eager to do so.

Mysterious Toji

There have been a series of incidents in which a Toji steals noro

Director Maniwa informs Kaoru about a series of incidents where noro is being stolen. Kaoru asks if an aradama is responsible, but the director reveals that it is a lone Toji. They haven’t been able to identify her, as they are unfamiliar with her okatana and she wears a hood that obscures her face.
They can’t identify the sword style, either, though Kaoru is certain that Kanami would have no problem doing so. The director does intend to get Kanami’s help eventually.


Kanami and the others have a bath after their sparring session

Ayumu and her friend are impressed by Kanami and Sayaka’s skills. They talk a little about it, but then Sayaka gets out. She effectively says that she feels like she is being left behind – Kanami is the only one in a distant place.

Kanami and Minato

Kanami talks with her mother

Kanami goes to sleep, and once again she talks with her mother/master. She tells her what Sayaka said, and Minato says it is true – she was strong enough to defeat Yukari after all.
That’s not what Kanami thinks, though – she thought she ended up switching with Minato. Turns out that wasn’t the case, at least according to Minato.

Aradama research

Princess Tagitsu my be gone for now, but the noro research continues

Yukina has carried on the noro research started by Yukari, and she had some help from the president of Ayanokouji. Apparently it will evolve humanity to a higher level of existence, and I guess Yomi now plays the part of Yukina’s guinea pig.


The noro is slowly leaving Suzuka’s body, and she is recuperating

Director Maniwa and Kaoru visit Suzuka, simply in order to ask if the mysterious Toji behind the recent incidents is Maki Shidou. Suzuka looks surprised to hear that suggestion.

Hiyori's return

Hiyori and Kanami are reunited

Finally, President Gojou told Hiyori about the incidents involving the mysterious Toji. It seems that she will be a Toji for a little while longer, and greets Kanami upon her return.

There we have it; the first episode of Katana Maidens ~ Toji No Miko‘s second cour. It seems it will be a bit better paced this time, instead of having someone rush into their objective as soon as they can.
We have a Toji – potentially Maki Shidou – stealing noro, and Yukina is still continuing experiments with noro. I’d say that has built up some pretty decent intrigue, and perhaps those two events are even linked.

Don’t really have much to say about newcomer Ayumu at the moment, but she has only just been introduced. Considering the president of Ayanokouji’s involvement in the noro experiments, I imagine she and her fellow Ayanokouji students will get caught up in at least something further down the line.

Sure, I’m looking forward to the start of several new anime shows for this season, but I also am welcoming the return of familiar faces. I would say that this second cour of Katana Maidens ~ Toji No Miko is off to a pretty good start, and I look forward to getting answers about the questions it raised.

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