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TakunomiTakunomi is a twelve-episode anime adaptation of the comedy manga written by Haruto Hino.
The anime was directed by Tomoki Kobayashi, and the writer was Katsuhiko Takyama. The studio that produced it was Production IMS.
Takunomi aired as part of the winter 2018 season of anime, and is available to be watched on HIDIVE.The concept of Takunomi is a simple one. Michiru Amatsuki has just moved to Tokyo to change jobs. She lives in Stella House Haruno, which is an all-female boarding house. There, she makes new friends who all enjoy good food, and, most importantly, good drinks.


Michiru enjoys a good drink

Each episode of Takunomi is only around twelve minutes long – slightly less when you take into account the opening and closing credits, as well as the disclaimer that all characters featured are over twenty years old.

Each episode sees Michiru and her friends – Nao Kiriyama, Makoto Kiriyama and Kae Midorikawa – enjoy a different type of alcoholic beverage, generally after a hard day of work.
This show makes a pretty decent point of demonstrating what food goes with whichever alcohol it is featuring, or the ideal way to enjoy some of the drinks. For those who don’t really know much about alcohol, it is certainly a learning experience.


The girls try a variety of drinks

That’s all Takunomi really has to offer; adult women drinking. It certainly won’t hold appeal for everyone, but the cast characters are a fun bunch. Of course, drinking alcohol does lead to them getting drunk occasionally, which brings along some notable moments – Kae getting somewhat intimate with Michiru being one such example.
In fact, there are occasional fan service scenes, but most of the show is dedicated to alcohol.

There is nothing much else to add. If you are into slice of life shows, than Takunomi may be worth checking out. For those who don’t enjoy slice of life, Takunomi doesn’t really offer anything that interesting.

Still, it’s a fun little show – if you’re into that kind of thing. The episodes may be half the length of a normal anime show, but the time Takunomi does have is spent fairly well.

Score: 7/10
A show about adult women drinking. For those who are into that type of thing, it is a decent little show. There isn’t really much else that can be said about it.

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  1. OG-Man says:

    Beautiful women drinking and occasionally blessing us when drunk. That’s all we needed.

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