KiraKira ☆ PreCure a la Mode Episode 47: Doughnuts

In this episode of KiraKira ☆ PreCure a la Mode, it is up to Pekorin to save the day, as PreCure aren’t particularly feeling themselves.

Ichika, Pekorin and Chourou

Ichika doesn’t remember anything

In the previous episode, Elisio created a new world that would be devoid of conflict. Not even PreCure could escape from that, but Cure Whip was able to hide Pekorin and Chourou inside KiraPati before the world changed.
As such, Pekorin and Chourou are the only ones who remember anything about the world before it changed. They find Ichika and the others, and discover that they have no recollection of the recent events. The girls even threw away their transformation trinkets.

Erasing Emotions

Grave erases feelings that cause conflict

An argument starts nearby. However, Grave shows up and says that their feelings of hatred originally spring from love, so he will erase those feelings. Whilst Grave has his minions check everyone for any residual emotions (including Ichika and the others), Pekorin opens KiraPati and prepares some sweet treats.

Pekorin's doughnuts

Pekorin believes Ichika and the others will regain their memories if they eat her doughnuts

Pekorin is keen to get some kira-kiraru into Ichika and the others, but Grave puts a halt to that. He captures Pekorin and Chourou, and takes them to a waste disposal facility so they can see the doughnuts disposed of.
Before the doughnuts can be incinerated, there is an explosion which sends large dollops of cream flying for quite a distance.


Ichika begins to recall something upon seeing the cream

The cream happens to fall near Ichika and the others, and they all start to remember something. They all decide to go back to the waste disposal facility as well where they see that Pekorin has managed to save her doughnuts.
However, Grave refuses to back down. He smacks Pekorin out of the air. She still refuses to give up, though.

Grave kicks Pekorin

Huh, actual violence

Being smacked out of the air and kicked across the room still isn’t enough to deter Pekorin, who still intends to fight. The kira-kiraru of her doughnuts react to her desire, and she regains her human form once more. It doesn’t end there, however – she gains transformation trinkets as well.

Cure Pekorin

Cure Pekorin

Pekorin gains the power of PreCure, and transforms into Cure Pekorin. She is a newly transformed Cure, so she doesn’t quite have a handle on her powers yet. Her attacks miss, but they do end up becoming fireworks in the shape of PreCure’s respective sweets.
Of course, this results in Ichika and the others regaining their senses, and being reunited with their transformation trinkets – which conveniently happen to be located in the same waste disposal facility.


PreCure are back, and with a new member

PreCure make quick work of Grave and his minions, trapping them in a net. When they step outside, they come face to face with Elisio. Ichika pretty much tells him to prepare himself.

This is where the episode ends; going to have to wait until next time to see how the battle against Elisio unfolds.

I thought that this was a fairly decent episode, and arguably one of the best Pekorin ones. I still don’t think this season has reached the same heights as episodes 25 and 35, but the final act is proving to be entertaining so far.
I am left wondering how much of an influence Cure Mofurun was on the decision to turn Pekorin into another Cure. I don’t really know how popular the Maho Girls PreCure! stuff was in Japan, but this does slightly invoke the feeling that KiraKira is riding on Maho Girls‘ coat-tails.
It also gives the mascot a canon transformation, whereas Mofurun’s transformation was only seen in a non-canon film. Who knows, maybe we’ll see it again in the upcoming PreCure Super Stars! film.

To get back on topic, not long now until the finale of KiraKira ☆ PreCure a la Mode. Next episode is the final battle, and I’m going to guess that Cure Yell will put in an appearance for the final episode – much like how Cure Whip appeared in the last episode of Maho Girls PreCure!.

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2 Responses to KiraKira ☆ PreCure a la Mode Episode 47: Doughnuts

  1. OG-Man says:

    Pekorin becoming a Power Ranger on the TV show and BEST MASCOT only getting to do so in a movie made me very sad. How dare you do that to me Toei…

    Did this show make history by having the most Rangers in its roster than previous entries?

    • Rory says:

      I was wondering how you would feel about Pekorin’s transformation. I agree though; Cure Mofurun should be canon.

      If I recall correctly, then you are right and history was indeed made with seven PreCure for the first time. I feel like six is already more than enough, though.

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